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How Do You Clean Wooden Flooring Correctly?


One needs to learn how to clean and maintain hardwood floors properly using DIY cleaning methods or calling handyman services. If a person has hardwood floors in their homes but does not know how to maintain them, they could ask for professional help. But there are several methods by which one can maintain their wooden floors and achieve the best results.

People have different hardwood floors in various shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes. Since there are different hardwood floors, there is no right solution to all of them. This is why one needs to consult with manufacturers’ guidelines or hire handyman repairs in Perth. People could also try different methods and see which one works best for their wooden floor. 

The best way to avoid unnecessary damage on floors while cleaning them is to try the cleaning method on a small floor area. If one is unsure whether they are working with finished or unfinished floors, they can drop a little water and watch the results. If the water remains, it means they are dealing with a finished floor. But if the water gets absorbed, it means it’s an unfinished floor that water cannot clean.   

Determining the type of hardwood one needs is a valid step to find the appropriate cleaning method suitable for the floor. 

Cleaning Hardwood Floors 

When a person has determined the type of hardwood they have, they will need some tools and supplies to clean the floor.

Those tools for cleaning the hardwood floor are-

    • Vinegar 

    • Microfiber cloth 

    • Microfiber twist mop and bucket 

    • Dishwashing cloth 

To prepare the hardwood cleaning solutions, one could add some drops of dishwashing detergent and some vinegar to a bucket of hot water. After this, they can get ready to clean the floors. 

While vinegar is harmful to the floor’s finish and can even take it off, a capful of vinegar will not damage the floor. The amount of vinegar is enough to clean and sanitize the wooden floor. Vinegar helps disinfect the area, eliminates greasy and oily stains, and leaves streaks behind. This gives the hardwood floor a clean and shiny look.  

One needs to remember that water can damage both sealed and unsealed hardwood floors. As a result, it needs to use a damp mop instead of a wet one while cleaning the wooden flooring in Perth. The steps to clean a hardwood floor as per professionals are-

    • The mop needs to be soaked in the solution for some minutes to absorb the water and products. 

    • Mop needs to be wrung until it is nearly dry. 

    • One has to use the S- pattern to clean the floor, starting with one corner. After this, they move to the other corner and come back down, creating an S-pattern.

    • As one moves through each section of the floor, they need to use a microfiber cloth to wipe each area after cleaning it. This makes sure that there is no water left. 

Tips From Professionals For Amazing Floors 

In addition to a regular, weekly or monthly cleaning routine, one can take other steps to keep the floor in excellent condition.

There are some tips from Perth Timber Flooring Specialists to help a person achieve the best results: 

    • Sweeping the floor and vacuuming it twice a week 

    • Taking care of any spills as soon as it happens makes sure the floor is not damaged.

    • If one does not know the type of floor they have, they could try cleaning a small floor area to get an idea. 

    • One always needs to check specifications provided by the manufacturer to see their recommendations. Some recommend cleaning floors only with a dampened mop. It is best to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer to keep the warranty intact.

    • In high traffic areas, one needs to try to sweep and vacuum the floors at least once a week. This will help keep the floor in good condition. 

    • One cannot allow water to sit while mopping floors. It is better to mop each section of the floor at a time with a microfiber cloth.

    • A person wants to use a cleaning product brought from a store, the need to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer

    • One should not use products that have abrasive compounds or ammonia in their composition, as these could ruin a floor’s finish. 

    • Furniture sprays should not be used as they form a slippery surface that could cause accidents. 

    • Vinegar and lemon-based solutions should be used in small quantities. This will make sure the floor seal is not damaged. 

Some Ways To Avoid Damage 

There are some things one needs to keep in mind while cleaning hardwood floors in a house:

    • One should not ignore sticky or wet spills. 

    • Heavy equipment should not be brought in as it can damage a floor’s finish.

    •  Should not apply a wrong cleaning product as it can permanently damage the floor. 

    • Do’not not use wet mops or clean using a lot of water. This can help shoot moisture between boards and tears that damage the wood.

    • A wooden floor should never be steam cleaned; steam cleaning should only be reserved for tile, linoleum and vinyl. 

How Can Floor Services In Perth Help? 

A person who goes to work may not get sufficient time to clean hardwood floors by themselves. This could let floors to remain unclean or dirty, which could also cause long-term damage. As a result, one needs to hire floor services in Perth; these services can help clean all types of wooden floors.

The professionals from floor services have plenty of experience in dealing with wooden floors; they know the best cleaning method for every floor. Floor services also provide service members who clean floors and possess the tools needed to clean them. The professionals can also help a homeowner in timber flooring installation if they want to install timber floors in their homes. 

Final Words 

Wooden floors are not easy to maintain and require a lot of patience for regular cleaning sessions. A person should always follow manufacturers’ guidelines if they want to maintain the floors properly. If time does not permit, they could hire Timber Flooring Services Perth to provide a professional for advice or for cleaning floors.  



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