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    How Choose Casals Ventilation Fans


    Casals Ventilation Fans products are known for their quality, durability, and longevity. Ventilation fans are generally recognize from a distance thanks to their unique blades. But in reality there are more and more similar fans, but how do you recognize ventilation true fans? And why did you choose Ventilation fans?

    High Quality Materials

    The Casals Ventilation Fans are known for their durability and longevity. Use only the highest quality materials. The blade is made of high quality technical plastic. It has been revise over 65 years for best results. Lightweight plastic fans. Low density strength maintains flexibility to withstand high vibrations, and most importantly. The low weight ratio of the plastic impellers reduces stress on motor bearings. These fans will cover these various contents for convenience.

    Perfect Drive for Farming

    Many fan motors are specifically design for extreme conditions. The motor is dustproof and waterproof. Meets Class F insulation requirements. Special bearings on the motor greatly reduce the need for maintenance. Therefore, the characteristics of the motor can be adapt to the application. Assures that all motors come with a 3-year warranty. 

    Unique Combination of Fan and Motor

    If you choose ventilation fans, choose flexibility. There are Casals Ventilation Fans perfect for every situation. With a wide range of fans and ventilation fans, you can create the perfect combination for any situation. This reduces maintenance. It consumes less energy, reduces the load and extends the service life. In addition, our in-house R&D department can provide datasheets. That include QH and impedance curves that are an ideal combination of motors and rotors. This will give you accurate data for each operation. Goal

    Casals Ventilation Fans for all Environments

    Ventilation fans are available worldwide in a variety of applications. Due to its flexibility, the product thus focuses on the needs and requirements of a particular application. You live in a hot environment. Do you need to deal with different initial voltages? Or does the government require compliance with specific requirements and regulations such as CE, UL, ErP, IE? The multi fan is easy to adjust.

    Different Products

    Plurality of fans The range of fans is very diverse and widespread. As you can see, there are several solutions for ventilation and circulation. For example, it is not just fans to ventilate tunnels. However, there are also fans for integrate ventilation.

    Sustainable in Terms of Energy Consumption and Material Use

    Two characteristics that make sustainable, energy-efficient and long-life Ventilation Fans products. All components are test with an extensive testing program. Reliable operation ensures products are becoming more and more energy efficient. Ventilation fan can be almost completely recycle without compromising reliability.

    QR Code For Best Service

    These Fans and motors are develop and manufacture by Casals Ventilation Fans in Pakistan. The QR code on the fan cover of the ventilation fan. Gives you access to all important information about the fan. Have you experience an unexpect component failure? Scan the QR code to inquire about suitable spare parts. Click Here on this topic for more information.

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