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    How Cannabis is Changing the Medical World


    The Farm Bill of 2018 reduced legal risks for many in the cannabis industry and provided opportunities for many citizens suffering from various ailments to use cannabis. From insomnia to nerve discomfort to constant anxious thinking, many citizens have found relief from conditions that were difficult to manage. Read on to learn how cannabis is changing the medical world.

    CBD Vs. THC

    When considering the legal risks, it’s important to note the difference between THC and CBD. While those interested in recreational cannabis may enjoy the euphoria associated with THC, CBD users rely on the calming power of this cannabinoid.

    Both tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and cannabidiol, or CBD, bind to the endocannabinoid system. However, each chemical binds to the receptors differently and produces a different reaction in the brain. People seeking relief from pain and anxiety often choose CBD products in a variety of formats such as topicals, edibles, sublingual oils, and vaping pens

    Cannabis and Pain

    Many people use cannabis to manage chronic pain conditions. One of the best benefits of CBD products for pain management is that, unlike opiates, cannabis products are not addictive. Many who struggle with pain find that, over time, they can dial back their dosage.

    Another benefit of using cannabis products to manage pain is that it’s possible to microdose. For example, a sufferer can use a vaping pen for a puff or two to get ahead of pain flare-ups. As a full dose for many vaping pens is 25 puffs, a microdose can be done quickly and discreetly. Another method of micro-dosing is to add a single drop of sublingual oil to a beverage in the middle of the day.

    Cannabis and Blood Pressure

    Early studies indicated that cannabis products caused an elevation in blood pressure. However, the purity of CBD products and new studies focused on CBD alone indicate that CBD can lower blood pressure.

    It should be noted that CBD can also interact with blood pressure medications. For those currently taking blood pressure meds and interested in CBD for relaxation or pain, a conversation with your physician is critical before you start.

    CBD and Anxiety

    According to Extract Labs, which sells full spectrum CBD, the mammalian endocannabinoid systems are ideally suited to accept cannabinoids. CBD edibles enter the bloodstream slowly and offer excellent protection against pain transmission and anxious thoughts.

    Those who use CBD for insomnia may struggle with unwanted symptoms of sleepiness. Again, micro-dosing may be the best option. It’s important for those planning to experiment with micro-dosing to be aware of the digestion delay.

    CBD sublingual oils and vaping products enter the bloodstream quickly. Topicals, such as lotions and creams, take more time and may have a bigger impact at the application site than on the full nervous system. Edibles have to undergo digestion to impact the nervous system. CBD users may gain more benefits over time if they keep a journal to track dosage and outcome.

    THC and Stress

    There are indications that small doses of THC can reduce stress. However, increasing your dosage may actually add to your stress. Proper management of a THC dose can be hard to maintain once THC use begins; it’s easy to overdo it once you have some in your system. That being said, the short-term euphoric disconnection provided by THC may be beneficial for some.

    Again, tracking the percentage of THC is critical. For those suffering from extreme levels of stress, pain, or anxiety, a small, monitored dose of THC can help. However, high levels of THC can also have an impact on the ability to focus, retaining memories, and can sometimes create a sense of paranoia.

    For those struggling with the stress of mental illness, cannabis products may offer some relief. However, anyone who is at risk of losing touch with reality may be at even greater hazard should they use THC products.

    One of the benefits of private cannabis purchases is the chance to privately experiment. However, cannabis users should feel confident in sharing their use habits with their physicians. It is possible to have dangerous drug interactions between prescription medications and CBD or THC. Always check with your doctor or medical professional before trying anything.

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