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Have You Considered Trying Kraft Boxes For Your Packing?


Having a good packing product is what many manufacturers dream of. It is not that they cannot afford or possess these products. But they lack the understanding regarding their requirements and what their product needs. In essence, every product requires good components for production. Once production completes, the next task is to advertise it for quick sales. However, the advertising and marketing factors expand with each passing year. 

This is the case with old packaging methods and ways to advertise. Previously, brands used to advertise their product through packaging. This is because there was no popularity of digital media and thus advertising was way behind in this department. Among different packaging products, only boxes took the task of helping brands with marketing. Like every item has sub-elements, boxes offer a special sub-category. These are Kraft Boxes. Such boxes lie precisely behind cardboard and corrugated boxes but offer great benefits. 

Benefits but Limitations 

All packaging products have some benefits as well as loopholes. However, people only look towards the benefits whereas manufacturers look both ways. This is because sometimes loopholes appear large and affect and overshadow the benefits too. Three types of packaging materials lend their services.

These include:

  • Cardboard material 
  • Kraft material 
  • Corrugated material 

All these materials have traits that promote their usage during packing. Whereas they all possess limitations that make the user opt for a better product. Cardboard material is best for packing lightweight materials. This is because the thickness on offer is low. This also means that stiffness and rigidness will be limited and low in such boxes. Thus, these boxes make packing ideal for light materials. 

Moving forwards, corrugated material is best known for loads of positives. Above all, this material has an efficient thickness to allow the packing of heavy and precious items. Products such as commercial appliances and glassware come inside these boxes. This is because boxes made from corrugated sheets offer a great amount of safety. But with more thickness comes more weight. And this is why you need to have extra support for your box carrying. 

The Solution 

When you have two materials that make good boxes, you also have loopholes in front. However, to avoid all such situations, it is better to choose a decent product. Kraft material is ideal when considering good packing. This material offers great stiffness and rigidness. This is more than the cardboard however lower than the corrugated material. But such limitations do not appear as loopholes. Medium stiffness means the low weight of the box alone. This allows easy carrying and stacking. Moreover, these boxes allow the packing of items that have a decent weight. Thus, you do not have to buy cardboard boxes for packing light items. Just use these boxes and cover the packing of light items too. 

Box Usage 

A wide range of products come in various box packaging. However, when considering a fine packing of items, you will find loads of boxes that use kraft material. This material has great significance. Like all boxes, it allows good advertising through customizing its surface. Moreover, you have a great box that carries a natural shiny brown shade. But this might be the case in modification. Here, let us see where these boxes have great usage. 

·         Medicines 

Although in some parts of the world, regular medicines come in cardboard packaging. But special medical items make use of kraft material. This is because special medicines like medical drugs, CBD products, etc. cannot afford to have leakage or lose packing. For this, they make use of such boxes because good stiffness brings good locking. 

·         Food 

Fries and wraps especially carry loads of liquid ingredients. And there is a risk of the liquid sausages moving out of the food item. For this, cardboard packing will get soaked while corrugated packing will prove costly in budget. Thus, you know which boxes you need to cover your items. Food items come in boxes that use kraft material. This material has a nature that does not get wet easily. 

·         Apparel 

Some apparel products also make use of such boxes. Though some brands thoroughly rely on these boxes to pack everything from shirts to shoes. This is because such a packing seems economical than a corrugated one. But in general, you will see cufflinks, ties, tiepins, belts, and socks, etc. come in such packaging regularly. 

·         Stationery 

A notebook or a calculator or a package of both of these items. You can make a spectacular packaging item through this material. However, such boxes do not promote bulk loading and carrying. But your stationery items in normal quantity can easily find a home in such boxes. 

Not to forget to mention books and journals that especially come in these Kraft boxes. These books can be in the form of a gift or a regular journal that institutes give away. 

·         Fruits 

Fruits though lie under the food department. However, foods usually consist of hunger-removing elements. And fruits are considered extra and supportive elements. Anyhow, all fruits, either in a single or bulk quantity come in these boxes. 

·         Perfumes 

Not all perfumes come in such boxes. However, the ones usually found in the Middle East have a low weight and decent container. They make use of these boxes to avoid spending big bucks on corrugated packaging. However, you will easily find a few brands that sell their perfumes, especially deodorants in such boxes. 

·         Gifts 

Where these boxes have the most usage is for the items that require gift packing. Almost all products come in such boxes which are intended to be transferred as a gift. Moreover, even if you have a cardboard or a corrugated box, you can add a kraft covering to them as well. 


The beauty of boxes as a packaging product is the ability to stylize them. Boxes offer you the option to try out your favorite designing skills and methods. But styling is not an easy task to perform. Therefore, we have done the sorting job for you.

·         Design 

Among the best things you can do with a box is to choose a design. Boxes offer loads of designs such as telescope, die-cut, auto-lock, and sliding designs, etc. Depending on use and the products you want to store. You can easily apply one of your favorite designs. 

·         Shape 

Sometimes, people do not differentiate between design and shape. The shape is the outlook that a product has. A sliding design can have different box shapes. For example, you can make a sliding box with a cut-shape of the base part. 

·         Sneak Peek View 

A good addition to your box can be the ability to look inside the box from the outside. This is possible if you allow a space in your box so that customers can see the product from a range. 

·         Advertising 

This is where you need to amplify your design skills. Use your Kraft Boxes to the full. This is possible by applying brand logos, trademarks, as well as product images to the box. Moreover, you can add different calligraphic designs to your box too.

·         Finishing 

If you love the extra work, a finish is what you can give to your box. This can be in the form of silver or gold covering to your box. Or you can highlight your brand logo with such colors. 

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Excellent choice does not come easy but only the intelligent ones make it easy. Try out Kraft Packaging and prove your intelligence in the packaging to the world!



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