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    Grease 5e


    A slick layer of grease covers 10 square feet of ground. The area is difficult terrain for creatures, and any creature that enters or leaves the area must make an Agility saving throw or suffer the consequences. The effects of the spell last for one minute. A creature can move around the area normally, but creatures within the zone must make a DC 10 Dexterity saving throw or suffer the consequences. This ability can be useful against tricky terrain, but is limited to a single use.

    The effect of grease is instantaneous, and is only effective on the targeted area. It is not possible to attack the area or a creature that is already there. The damage caused by the spell is reduced by half. This spell has the same range as the other magic items. However, the power of grease decreases as it increases in level. While the caster can make this ability at any time, it can only be used on the same surface.

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    Grease has several disadvantages. The slickness makes it difficult to maneuver. It also reduces the effectiveness of spells. This spell can cause a creature to collapse or make an inaccurate saving throw. It has no effect on the terrain itself, as it is not flammable. The area is difficult terrain for creatures that enter or exit it. Butter and meat do not ignite. The creature does not have to make any saving throws to avoid falling through the slick surface.

    A creature that is not in use can still take damage from this spell. It can make a remark by touching the affected object. The effect of this spell only affects material objects that are not in use. If a creature is wearing a greased armor, it gains a +10 circumstance bonus on its Escape Artist or combat maneuver checks. This ability also gives the creature an advantage over its attacker in avoiding grapples.

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    The effects of grease are similar to those of D&D. It covers an area and any creature that falls into it must make a DC 10 dexterity saving throw or be collapsed. The slick grease is not flammable. It does not affect flesh, but it can affect a character’s saving throw. It does not cause any damage to an opponent or cause a creature to fall. This spell is a slick condition and can be deadly.

    An area covered in slick grease is a difficult terrain for creatures. It covers 10 square feet and a single item within range. Those creatures that are in the area must make a successful Dexterity saving throw to avoid this effect. Once the grease is applied to an area, all creatures in that space become prone and cannot move. If this happens, the creature must make a Dexterity saving throw before it can move again.

    The area is difficult terrain for creatures that fall in it. Its effects can range from falling to throwing. The area covered by slick grease is covered by a slick hazard. If the area covers a ten-foot square, the slick grease is the entire terrain in that area. Its effect covers a specific area for a certain amount of time. This condition is only present when a creature is in a slick area.

    When Grease 5e is cast, it covers an area and a single item within range with slick grease. The area is slick for a specific amount of time, but there is no way to determine how long the effect will last. It also makes it hard for enemies to sneak into the area and cause trouble. If a creature is caught in the area of slick, they are forced to make a Reflex save or face the consequences.

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    The effect of grease is quite effective. Its area of effect is 60 feet square centered on a point in the area. Its effect lasts for a minute, and it is difficult for any creature to move in that area. As a bonus, a creature can walk through it and enter it without being affected. The slick grease does not have a flammable component, but it is dangerous to enemies.

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