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    How GPS Technology Has Advanced Over the Years


    GPS technology has undergone a great deal of evolution over the past few decades. From beginnings in the military sphere, it has gone on to be universal. We’ve all had some kind of contact with this tech in our personal and professional lives. As a result, it may be useful to take a look at how GPS tech has evolved over time.

    GPS Was First Developed for Military Use

    The origins of the modern GPS tracker system go back to the early 1970s. This was the time during which the first crude systems were developed for the benefit of the U.S. Department of Defense. The idea was to create a new system that would be an advance on all existing systems that were used for navigation. Although early, it was very successful.

    The appeal of this very first GPS system was immediately apparent. It very quickly became an essential part of navigation systems throughout the whole of the U.S. military. As time went on, the system went through a number of adaptations. These were designed to make it more portable as well as efficient.

    GPS was initially a very unwieldy and somewhat problematic system. Since the time of its initial development, the focus has been on ironing out these bugs. It has been adapted with the use of ever smaller and more cost-effective components. These have helped it to become a more productive tracking system.

    Because of its relatively late development, the GPS tracking system was never used in the Vietnam conflict. However, it has since become a mainstay of the military. It has been authorized for use in all of the ensuing conflicts and has spread across the world. It has also been used for a variety of other purposes.

    GPS Has Been Approved for Civilian Use

    The evolution of GPS received a major jump-start in the 1980s when it was first approved for use by civilians. It was Vice President Al Gore who approved the next stage of GPS. With White House backing, he initiated a new line of GPS Block IIIA satellites.

    Gore was also instrumental in helping to authorize and launch the ​Next Generation Operational Control System. This was the system that represented the true state of the art for GPS systems all throughout the 1980s and well into the ensuing decade. As good as this system was, more changes were on the way.

    The major problem with GPS systems in the 1980s and 1990s was their tendency toward very selective availability. Despite its name, it was far from a global trend during these years. This deficiency was not fully addressed until 1995 when President Bill Clinton signed a law that made GPS fully operational.

    The year 2000 saw an even more crucial development in the history of GPS. This was the year that President Clinton signed off on the GPS Block IIIA. The act set the stage for an even further expansion in the skill set of this influential new system.

    What is the Future for GPS Tracking?

    The future of GPS tracking is continuing to unfold. Many trends are being developed and utilized to the maximum. These include the tendency toward greater portability, accessibility, and efficiency. GPS systems are also becoming more prevalent through their adoption by several nations.

    GPS is still used in a wide variety of military situations. However, it will also be a continuing factor in helping to move civilian businesses up to a whole new level.

    For example, many rideshare companies are using GPS systems to help secure their vehicles. GPS helps prevent the loss, misplacing, and theft of cars. It also has applications in the trucking industry. There are plenty of other uses that a GPS tracking system can be put to in the realm of business. As a result, its continual development is assured.

    The Future of GPS is Developing Quickly

    The story of the modern GPS is a fascinating one. However, its evolution is nowhere near n end. The trend toward even more astounding advances is set to continue. This is a history that has a definite beginning but no clear denouement. GPS is a global trend that certainly repays close public scrutiny.

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