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    Google Pixelbook PC Laptops & Netbooks Review


    In this review I’ll cover Google’s Pixelbook PC Laptops & Netbooks. This is the latest device from Google, and it’s arguably the most beautiful laptop available. It features a brushed aluminum frame and a rubberized underside and palm rest. It’s perfect for people who love unified design. But, what exactly is it? Let’s find out.

    Google Pixelbook PC Laptops

    The Google Pixelbook is an ultraportable PC that is thin and light, but it is also quite heavy. The weight is about 2.5 pounds and the thickness is 0.4 inches, making it much thinner than the Lenovo Yoga 920. However, the Pixelbook is still larger than the Apple iPad Pro, which is 2.3 pounds and 0.7 inches thick. The Google Pixelbook has two USB-C ports, one on each side, and a headphone jack on the left side.

    Its price is slightly higher than its closest competitors, but it’s definitely worth the money. The screen can be adjusted to either V-shape or Tent modes. In addition to the Tent mode, it can also be used in display mode. This mode gives you more control over the angle of the screen. And you can also install Windows software if you want. In short, the Pixelbook is a great convertible laptop.

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    Google Pixelbook PC Laptops & Netbooks

    The Google Pixelbook PC Laptops & Netbook Review highlights the advantages and disadvantages of this convertible notebook. The Pixelbook has a high MSRP that makes it more expensive than similarly priced Windows and Chromebooks. It does have similar specs, but the manufacturer used different components. Regardless, it still feels premium and works well as a laptop. The Pixelbook’s screen can be adjusted in two different modes, the V-shape and the Tent.

    While the Pixelbook may not have the built-in storage like other PCs, its 8GB RAM is sufficient for multitasking. Users can keep dozens of open tabs in their browsers at a time and run a few Android apps. Its SSD will also store hundreds of applications. The screen quality is similar between a Chromebook and a Windows laptop, but the Pixelbook has the better display. Only Apple offers a better screen quality, but its price tag is higher.

    Google pixelbook 12in

    The Google pixelbook 12in that is built with the company’s unified design philosophy in mind. The company has spent years perfecting its style and the Pixelbook could be seen as the pinnacle of its design philosophy. The overall design of the notebook is striking and the brushed aluminum frame and rubberized palm rest are some of the things that make it a great addition to any office or home environment.

    The hardware in the Pixelbook is up to par with its cheaper Chromebook and Windows alternatives. The MSRP for the Pixelbook is four digits, which is comparable to the prices of many similarly priced Windows laptops. But the manufacturer uses different components and specs. The Pixelbook lacks a detachable keyboard base. This may not be a deal-breaker for many users, but it may not be a good choice for heavy multitasking.


    This PC laptop carries high-end specs and delivers smooth web browsing. Its 8GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage make it a great choice for gaming, and its Core i5 or i7 CPU models are ideal for work. The Pixelbook Core i7 comes with 2X the RAM and slightly faster CPU than its predecessor. Its design and build quality are also first-class, and it feels great in your hand.

    The keyboard is responsive and backlit. It also has a built-in ambient light sensor for easy viewing even in low-light conditions. The keyboard is oddly laid out, with each key dedicated to a particular function. The Windows key, for example, doubles as Google Assistant, while Caps Lock brings up a search bar. However, this feature can be turned off using Alt+Search.

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