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    Get You Back to Jail After Posting a Bail Bond


    Once you or your loved one gets arrested, you want them out of jail. Posting a bail bond can help you here. It will enable you or your loved one to spend time at home until the hearing occurs. Hence, it also provides the required flexibility to make arrangements for the hearing.

    But there are times when a few people commit certain mistakes that can send them back to jail. If you are searching for a bail bond company, you can check out Castle Bail Bonds.

    However, it’s essential to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes that can take you back to prison. The prominent errors are:

    1. Resorting to alcohol

    Did you or your loved one get arrested for a crime, which involves alcohol? If yes, then the bail agreement will mention that you refrain from it. You might have to go through drug tests that determine your body’s alcohol content. And if the bail agreement mentions that you need to refrain from alcohol and consume the same, you will be put back to jail.

    Also, even if your arrest didn’t involve drug or alcohol use, it’s a smart decision to avert alcohol as you get released. If you consume alcohol, you might end up doing something unwanted, which can put you behind the bars. Any negative behavior can act against you and cause bail revocation.

    • Meeting specific friends

    As you get released, it’s a smart call to avert specific friends. If it includes a person who played an active role in the crime, the court will advise you to stay away from them without added trouble. And even if the court doesn’t mention it, it’s always better to avert meeting friends with whom you can act rashly and end up in jail again.

    • Leaving your job

    If you are on bail and quit your job, it might work against you. It means you have less cash to place on your defense. It can also bring down your tie with the community, which can play an active role in determining the bail. Several bail conditions mention that the defendant needs to retain their job.

    If you abruptly leave your job after getting released on bail, the court will read it as a bad sign. The court can think that you intend to move out of the country or state. However, before that, the court will also consider your entire work history.

    • Not paying heed to the co-signer

    You might require a co-signer when you obtain a bail bond from an expert bail bond agency. And similar to any type of loan, it’s the co-signer who decides to pay the loan when you aren’t able to or plan to escape. Hence, the co-signer assumes it his or her accountability to make sure that the defendant follows all the conditions mentioned by the court and attends the court hearing. It might get slightly irritating, when you find out that someone is keeping a tab of you. However, it’s not a good idea to overlook your co-signer.

    When you get released on bail, these are a few things that you need to take care of. It will ensure that you don’t land up in jail as your case awaits trial.

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