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    Should I have the child or not? An abortion is an easy decision for any woman, but you have to make.

    Our real mom Jasmin from Get abortion pills in Dubai in Dubai (name change by us) was still a teenager, had just start her studies and was excite about everything new that this phase of life would bring with it. Then she got pregnant un plan. The 26-year-old tells us here how it felt and how it went on with her life:

    “I was 19 years old and I was freshly in love. My new boyfriend was a fellow student I had only known for a few months.

    In my past I had already had a colorful life and experience a lot. At 16 I was abroad for six months and went to school there, at 18 and 19 I spent six months each summer in Croatia as an entertainer.

    Now my studies lay ahead of me, I want to continue discovering the world, I was really looking forward to my life in the 20s and to everyday working life.

    I had never been very consistent with taking pills . As a teenager, I had other things on my mind. I know it was irresponsible, but I didn’t care: “Nothing will happen!

    It actually happen the first time I had sex with my new boyfriend. I was pregnant.

    My feelings? First joy, then fear, then sheer ignorance of what to do. Have the child or decide to have an abortion ?

    My parents raise me very independently . I start early on to make important decisions myself and then only to tell my parents about them – without informing them beforehand that a decision was require at all.

    In this case, however, I immediately ask my parents for advice. I knew I would need your support .

    I was 19, finally stood on my own two feet and my parents were actually happy to finally have more time for themselves again. They made this clear to me when I told them about my pregnancy – with the addition that they would support me in everything, but that I should be aware that it is actually not part of their plan to become grandparents anytime soon .

    I still remember how my dad said: ‘At some point, when you have a stable relationship and are steadfast in life, I will be infinitely happy to be a grandpa! 

    Sounds harsh and selfish? Yes, I also condemn him for this sentence, at the age of 19, still slightly pubescent . I accuse my parents of manipulating my decision and being selfish. I stress several times that it was my choice anyway and that they couldn’t force me to have an abortion by Get abortion pills in Dubai . (Which by the way, of course, they never intend to do).

    At that time I couldn’t hear the famous sentence, We only want the best for you and your future! In fact, I had the feeling that I could choose the child , but even if my parents support me in everything, it would somehow be against their will.

    I have a very good relationship with my parents , had a wonderful childhood and have always trust them. They always made me feel like they were making the right decisions.

    I ultimately chose abortion from get abortion pills in Dubai.

    I know that deep down I also believe that an abortion from Get abortion pills in Dubai was the right decision. Especially since I already knew at this point that my boyfriend would not be the man for life. I knew that in spite of all the conversations it was MY decision and that I made my own decisions at all times.

    Today I am actually infinitely grateful to my parents for being so honest with me. I am grateful that you show me the way to make this decision by consultation from Get abortion pills in Dubai . They didn’t lead me there and set me down, no, they just gave me the direction. I went the way. And I actually never regret it.

    I am now 26 years old and pregnant with my first child.

    My partner (whom I met about ten months after this story) have been together for more than six years and we are infinitely happy about the imminent birth of our absolute dream child. Of course he knows about my first pregnancy and the abortion.

    Incidentally, I gave up my studies at the age of 20 and train as a travel agent. After that, I work for a tour operator where I was responsible for product management for long-distance travel. That’s how I made my hobby, traveling, my job. I was allow to visit the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mexico, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, the Caribbean and many more destinations. was allow to have experiences that nobody can take away from me.

    Now ran a department and led my own team. If I had decide against an abortion and had a child, I would not have seen any of this. Wouldn’t have met my current partner. Wouldn’t live my life the way I do now – and I love it very much.

    I am currently well prepare on maternity leave , mentally and financially, and every day I am full of joy for the arrival of our little Johanna – and so do my parents.

    I have always spoken openly about my abortion. As soon as the subject came up, I told my story. I have never regret my decision and I stand by it, because this is also an experience that no one can take away from me. “

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