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Forecasting the Mental Health Trends in 2022

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Mental health has remained a buzzword in public conversation. This shift has emerged predominantly in light of the attention given by the influential people from the showbiz and media industry alike. As we transition into 2022, the world will witness a drastic increase in the mental health trends, thereby giving psychiatrists the much needed attention and praise. So much so, the statistics show that as many as one quarter of the Americans have already placed their focus on improving their mental health in 2022, and scribbled it in their New Year resolution.

Quite determined to achieve this motive, many studies are optimistic about the positive results. It is forecasted that the end results will be phenomenal; and continue to include personal growth, reducing social and socioeconomic disparities, and thereby promising the overall mental working. This inside-out approach has started to establish its roots already, and is working its way to showcase health and growth-oriented benefits.

Nevertheless, understanding the human brain is not an easy task. Just how every fingerprint is unique, the human brain is similarly distinctive in nature. Psychiatrist doctors have to undergo years of studies and experience to master the art of understanding the complex human brain. All while keeping in touch with the evolving trends and fads.

With that being said, here is a look at some of the mental health trends forecasted for the year 2022. Read ahead to know more:

Trauma-informed Care

Statistics show that as many as 61% of people go through some sort of traumatic experience, at least once in a lifetime. Even though they seem to have survived the event, the aftermath and flashbacks continue to exist. They affect the emotional side, often making it difficult for them to progress ahead in life.

Undergoing trauma informed care has grown to become a viable option for them. It takes a holistic approach in understanding the complete picture of the patient’s life history and events. With the incorporation of understanding, recognizing, training, integrating and avoiding stages of the framework, it provides effective health care services. Positive outcomes include patient engagement, trauma adherence, and positive health outcomes. Mental health experts believe in adopting the clinical and organizational level to help ensure promising and lasting results.

Blood-Test Diagnostic

A new blood test diagnostic test is underway that can specify the type of mental illness one is suffering from. Although this study is still underway, this breakthrough can be used to understand the severity of the mental illness one is battling. If there is any further chance of developing a serious disorder, it can also be forecasted, while tailoring to the individual needs of the problems.

Nevertheless, this innovative blood test will continue to work in conjunction with the traditional form of mental health diagnostics. This is due to the fact that the human brain is complex, and no single approach can serve everyone. This RNA marked test assures wondrous and effective results quickly.

Therapeutic Paradigm of Psychedelic Medicine

Psychedelics have been in use for over a number of centuries. Commonly known as hallucinogens, they tend to alter the mood, emotions, perception, and cognitive processes. However, in recent years, its wide use was inept, and only a small proportion was allowed to enter the research process. Nevertheless, in recent years the stigmas attached to it have started to ease up.

During this process, certain benefits are underway that allow the emerging studies to unleash the therapeutic, ceremonial and cultural benefits of these psychedelics. Moreover, with the growing prevalence of mental illness, psychiatrists in Dubai commonly link it to addiction, and several cost factors, there is a probability that psychedelics medicine can cater towards providing a solution that was otherwise not achieved via clinical medicines. Nevertheless, this research still requires time and research before launching it in the marketplace.

Establishing Healthy Boundaries in the Digital World

People spend most of their time on digital platforms. It exceeds far more than the traditional social events. In fact, people are more prone to getting trolls or coming across negative feedback than ever. The ‘Social Dilemma’ that initially existed in movies has now entered real life, and has begun to affect people.

It is time to give a dialogue on digital wellness, potential harmful effects of social media and the need for a digital detox. Yet, scrutinizing the effects of digital media on mental health remains paramount. That too, with a greater need to implement social media boundaries. This includes limiting the screen time, unfollowing people and avoiding negative comments to keep the mental health intact.

A Step Towards a Therapeutic Future

The innovations and advancements in the field of mental health have ensured one thing for sure; people are becoming more comfortable in talking and addressing about the mental health problems that they face. Yet the best psychologist in Dubai tends to remain confident in the innovations of their field. It allows them to look for the latest therapies and resources aiming to revolutionize the approach towards mental health awareness.



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