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    Firebird 7551 – “butcher’s pocket knife”


    In short, the Firebird F7551 is a truly original folding knife. Which has not only an unusual design but also good ergonomics and reliability? Which allows it to be used to solve a wide variety of tasks.

    However, to appreciate all the advantages of this model, such a description will not be enough. Therefore, we have prepared a short review with an analysis of all the nuances of this model.


    The Firebird F7551 knife is provided in a branded cardboard box. In addition to the knife itself in the box. The user will also be able to find a carrying case made of nylon. It is worth noting that in this case, the sheath is soft to the touch. And is made of a more durable fabric than the options that were previously equipped with Ganzo knives, for example, G712.


    The blade of this model has rather large dimensions and was made in the shape of Sheepfoot. Which combined with the smooth sharpening of the cutting edge. Allows you to cut something or even chop with maximum comfort. And due to the thickness of the butt of 3.3 mm and the use of steel grade 440C. The blade of this knife can withstand quite serious loads.

    Externally, the blade of the Firebird F7551 model is similar to Cleaver’s blade. Which fully reflects the nature of the work for which this knife is intended. The only drawback of this form is the almost complete impossibility of piercing anything with the tip of the blade.

    The surface of the Firebird F7551 blade is treated with a satin finish. Thus it is possible to hide minor scuffs and scratches that occur during operation. In the sun, the blade still shines, although not as much as with a “mirror” polish.

    This knife is produced under the Firebird brand. As evidenced by the company logo printed on the surface of the blade by laser engraving. However, on the other side of the blade, there is a mention of the Ganzo company. Hence, many people have a question, whose knife is this? Here it is worth making a small digression and understanding a little about the history of the company. Initially, all Damascus knives and multi-tools were made only under. The Ganzo brand (a logo familiar to many with a small hammer and nut). A little later, it was decided to rebrand, and thus Firebird was created. At first glance, nothing has changed, however, with the change of name. The workmanship has also been improved, which is especially noticeable in the new products from this brand.

    • The blade is set exactly in the center and does not “go” to one of the sides. Both when folded and when open.
    • The blade is removed using a double-sided peg, painted blue. The hole on the blade performs a purely decorative function and is not intended to open the blade.
    • There is a large notch on the butt, which allows you to more confidently hold the knife in your hand


    When open, the notch on the butt is complemented by notches on the handle liners. Which has a positive effect on the grip. By the way, this is also facilitated by ergonomic. The shape of the handle and tenacious G10 lining. The surface of which is stylized as carbon and feels rough in the hand. Multiple deep grooves not only perform a decorative function but also make the grip more reliable.

    To date, the Firebird F7551 is available with orange, black, and green G10 grips and carbon die (named F7551-CF).

    The handle is based on steel liners, providing excellent structural rigidity. To make the knife as light as possible, the manufacturer made special holes in the liners. It is good that this decision did not affect the strength of the knife at all.

    Closer to the butt of the handle there is a hole for installing a lanyard. And a place for installing a complete clip made of stainless steel.

    The massive backspacer, made of G10 and painted to match the overlays. Makes the design of the knife stronger and provides a more confident grip due to deep notches

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    The blade is fixed in the open position with the help of an Axis lock. In the performance of this model, it has a fairly smooth ride and allows you to quickly open and securely lock. The blade even with one hand, will be useful when performing any work. The Firebird F7551 knife also folds smoothly and quickly.

    The only nuance of this mechanism is the susceptibility to pollution. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the knife promptly and avoid severe clogging. Otherwise, it is practically in no way inferior to such mechanisms as Liner-lock. While remaining one of the most convenient locks in terms of control.


    The Firebird is a step up from the early Ganzo brand. And the F7551 model is a good example of this because the presented knife has not only excellent ergonomics and excellent build quality but also a stylish design that many will surely like.

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