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    Everything about Narcissist Personality Disorder?


    Have you ever heard about the narcissist victim syndrome before? Narcissist abuse victim syndrome is defined as a condition that occurs when you spend a significant amount of time with a narcissist.

    Narcissists are people who are self-obsessed and need excessive admiration all the time. They are extremely self-controlling and manipulative.

    Narcissists have an inflated self-image and a sense of majesty. They lack empathy and are unable to identify the feelings of others. People who suffer from narcissist abuse are in self-doubt.

    Victims of narcissist abuse constantly question their self-worth and sanity.

    They think they are not good enough and deserve to treat badly. Narcissist abuse victims are usually very concerned about their failures and flaws regardless of whether these issues are real or not.

    A narcissistic person is very good at manipulating other people and their beliefs; they impress things in the minds of their partners. People who have suffered narcissistic abuse have a hard time identifying their reality.

     Since these people suffer abuse at the hands of their love ones and their minds confuse and distort from constant emotional trauma. Narcissist abuse victims begin to question themselves who they are.

    Narcissists have an excessive urge for attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy towards others. These people make others feel less worthy and question their abilities.

     In reality, narcissists have very fragile self-esteem sensitive to the slightest criticism. People with narcissist abuse syndrome generally feel disappointed and disgusted when they don’t receive the attention or admiration, they think they deserve.

    Symptoms of Narcissistic Abuse Victims:

     People who suffer from narcissistic abuse experience post-trauma stress disorder and their quality of life got affected to a significant extent. Some of these symptoms are

    • forward thoughts
    • Flashbacks- recurring instances in which the person feel they recollect the traumatic events
    • Constant feeling of sadness or less worthy
    • Hypervigilance
    • Feeling cold or detaches from other people
    • Avoid places or situations associated with the narcissist partner.

    What Are the Risk Factors?

    Males are more prone to narcissistic personality disorder than females, and it usually begins during teenage or early adulthood. Some people possess the traits of narcissists at an early age, but it doesn’t mean they will develop a narcissistic personality disorder.

    Causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

    The exact cause of narcissistic personality disorder is not known. But some researchers believe that multiple causative factors are responsible for the development of narcissistic personality disorders, such as

    • Any traumatic event in childhood, such as sexual or verbal abuse
    • Family history
    • Parenting styles such as overpampering or child neglect
    • Temperament and personality

    Complications of Narcissist Abuse Syndrome:

    • Difficulty in relationships
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Feeling of isolation
    • Lack of confidence
    • Low self-esteem
    • Drug or substance abuse
    • Intrusive or suicidal thoughts

    How to prevent it?

    People who suffer from narcissistic abuse syndrome need proper medical and the psychological treatment. Victims of abuse can’t identify themselves and question their abilities and self-worth.

    Victims of narcissist abuse constantly question their self-worth and sanity so it doesn’t mean they will develop a narcissistic personality disorder.

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