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    Effective Techniques to Clean Your House Quickly


    You may love to have a clean house but hate to clean it at the same time. A clean and tidy house not only looks attractive and grab’s everyone’s attention but also keeps the residents away from germs and bacteria. Since it is not easy to clean every nook and corner of a house, especially with a tough working routine, people usually look for effective and useful tips to clean their houses quickly. If you are also one of these people, then this article is for you. Below are some excellent tips to help you clean your house effectively and quickly. 

    Get Rid of House Clutter

    Getting rid of house clutter at the start is the smartest technique adopted by many house cleaning services providers to clean your house quickly. Dustbins should be free of garbage once you start cleaning the rooms of your house. Apart from that, it would help if you cleaned surface clutter or dust from small appliances, cookie containers, and other items which get dirty often. Also, to speed up house cleaning, you need to get rid of clutter around the house’s exterior.

    Clean the Entire House in One Go

    Cleaning your whole place in one go is effective and helps you quickly wrap up the cleaning process. Choosing one task from dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and doing the same in every room in the house takes a lot of time. By doing everything at once, you don’t feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending loop of cleaning. So, you don’t have to repeat the same steps over and over again. 

    Add Essential Oils to Household Cleaning Products

    If you need a fresh and pleasant smell inside your house, add some essential oil drops to your house cleaning products. Essential oils can be found in any grocery store. The good thing about them is that they come in a variety of scents from which you can choose. Some of the essential oils like cinnamon also can kill harmful bacteria. In this way, you can keep yourself, and your family protected. You can also make a mixture of these oils with water to mop the floors. Which will create a nice smell throughout your house quickly.

    Dust and Vacuum Clean

    Dusting and vacuuming is a common step that every company offering house cleaning services follows to ensure a healthy breathing environment. However, if you are on your own, make sure the ceiling fan is off before dusting. Concentrate dusting on top of furniture, shelves, picture frames, upholstery, and the bottom of your TV screen. For areas that are difficult to reach, attach a cloth with a broom and then clean. Also, change the bed sheets in your room before vacuuming.

    Concentrate on Cleaning the Bathrooms 

    Your bathroom will be easier to clean if you get rid of the clutter first. However, you need to deeply clean it by cleaning countertops, faucets and sinks with a household cleaner. For quick cleaning, you can sprinkle the homemade vinegar mixture over the toilet, followed by a water bucket, and then wipe with a rag. If you need to clean your ceramic and porcelain tiles, don’t hesitate to contact Clean Image of Orlando and their team of experts.

    Clean the Floors 

    There is no need of mopping the floors for hours as some simple and quick steps can ensure a shiny appearance. First, get a bucket filled with soapy water and use a sponge mop when cleaning non-carpet floors. Remove the rugs, take them outside, shake them, and quickly wipe the floor to remove dust. If the floor is very dirty, it should be washed with clean water to ensure no streaks. Change the sponge mop if it gets dirty. Ventilate the area so that the floor can dry as quickly as possible.

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