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    ECommerce Web Design Company with Technology


    As an eCommerce web design company, you naturally rely on technology to help you operate your business, but are you using it as effectively as you could be? Keeping tabs on the latest eCommerce technology trends can be challenging given the fast-paced nature of the industry, of course, but to ensure that your eCommerce web design company is making the most of the technology solutions available, we’ve put together a list of ten important tips to employ. With these strategies, you can take your place among the best eCommerce web design companies.

    Build a Simple User Interface

    As an eCommerce web design company, you might be tempted to create a website and platform that is loaded with a myriad of bells and whistles. Unfortunately, crowding too many features into your interface can make it overly complex for potential customers. Instead, aim for simplicity and clarity in your interface design.

    Add a Search Bar to the Ecommerce Website

    Ensure that your website is easy for customers to navigate and find the information they need. To that end, include a search bar in your online platform’s design. Not only will customers find an on-site search bar helpful, but your business can gain helpful insights about what customers are specifically looking for when visiting your website.

    Keep Product Filtering Option Simple

    When designing websites, keep your product filtering options simple. Filters can provide a better browsing experience for eCommerce customers. Keeping your filters simple makes it easier for customers to narrow their search. Ultimately, a good filtering tool can help a business increase its conversions.

    Mention Shipping Charges before Checking Out

    Customers won’t appreciate being blindsided by shipping charges when they get to the checkout point. When offering your web design services, encourage clients to state their shipping charges upfront. Use online tools or software that provide an accurate shipping charge for custom orders.

    Check Out as Guest Option

    When designing a custom eCommerce website, include an option that allows customers to check out with their order as a guest. Not all customers will want to fill out formal customer registrations. They may be in a hurry or may simply not want to provide more information than is necessary to complete their order. A guest option is a simple way to encourage quick purchases.

    Post Online Reviews and Testimonials

    Some studies have indicated that as many as 65% of consumers read online reviews to help them make purchase decisions. Your eCommerce web design company can use technology to facilitate the creating and storing of online reviews and testimonials. Customers should be able to easily access posted reviews for each product. Additionally, customers who have purchased products should be prompted to leave reviews.

    Create Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Ecommerce Websites

    It’s extremely important for your web design company to outfit clients with mobile-friendly websites. From a search engine optimization standpoint, mobile-friendly platforms are important for increasing organic website traffic. While mobile-friendly sites please the search engines, they also provide an improved user experience for the increasing numbers of customers who use their smartphones or tablets to shop online.

    Choose the Theme Wisely

    When designing for your customers, choose their website theme with care. The theme can inform the company’s branding. In short, it can speak to the company’s identity. The theme of the site with its fonts and color schemes should complement the company’s brand identity so that the two should be congruent.

    Integrate User-Driving Features

    As a website design company, you can draw from a wide range of features that can help your customers sell more products. For instance, you can integrate features such as buyable pins (these allow customers to buy your products from Pinterest), automated emails, cart recovery, wish lists, and more.

    Security and Speed of Ecommerce Website

    The security and speed of the website aren’t simply options that you can ignore. These elements are essential and part of Google’s Core Web Vitals. Poor security features and slow speeds will sabotage an eCommerce site with the search engines. As their website design company, it’s important for you to make sure that security and speed are built-in and meet or exceed Google’s minimum standards.

    Request Customer Feedback

    Include a feature in your eCommerce website design that allows customers to provide feedback. Customer feedback helps the client learn what its target audience is looking for. Their feedback can also help you refine their website based on their experiences using the platform. Inviting customers to engage with the company can encourage more brand loyalty and may even lead to more sales.

    A wealth of factors go into an eCommerce website’s design. These are just some of the technical features to keep in mind as you develop your clients’ sites. Creating successful sites for your clients drives your own firm’s success. In addition, stay tuned to new tech trends in eCommerce website designs so that you can furnish your clients with the latest features they’re looking for.

    Remember that Noble Webworks specializes in website design for businesses representing a wide array of industries and sectors, including eCommerce platforms. We can create a custom site for you that includes these strategies and others that are customized for your business. The digital marketplace may be competitive, but we’ll provide you with an edge as we create your dynamic website, your ideal selling platform.

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