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    Do snakes make a good house pet?


    Snakes are alluring, cool animals that certainly make great conversation starters when you see one as a pet in someone’s home. However, you yourself may have some questions. Especially if you’re considering getting a snake yourself. Do they really make good house pets? Can they only be kept with certain people? What are they really like as companion animals anyway? With this quick guide, we hope to elaborate on what makes snakes appropriate pets in the first place, and hopefully clear up any confusion you may have surrounding their behavior and care. 

    They are Low-Maintenance

    While all pets require some sort of involved care, snakes tend to be on the lower end of that spectrum. Unlike our furry friends, reptiles don’t have demanding social needs. You won’t have to walk, train, or groom them (unless you’re helping them get rid of some stuck shed). The most involved in their care you will be is likely cleaning their tank and accessories on a regular basis. 

    Unlike nearly every other pet, they don’t even need to eat every day, having metabolisms that allows them to survive off of three meals a month. 

    Have Excellent Temperaments

    One of the huge draws that many people have towards pet snakes is their relatively relaxed temperaments. Despite what some media depictions would have you believe, snakes are not conflict driven, aggressive animals. They would much rather hide than attack something that’s much bigger than it. As long as your snake is properly socialized, it should be completely fine with being handled on a regular basis. In fact, it may just be happy spending hours lazing about your shoulders. 

    Fit Nearly Anywhere

    Most pet snakes reach a length of approximately 3-5 feet. While this is not necessarily a small animal, your snake can still fit in a relatively compact 40 gallon tank that won’t need to move. In the wild, snakes are accustomed to sticking in one small area for a fairly long time, and don’t exactly need to “stretch their legs” (excuse the pun).

    In other words, your reptile will not need to roam, although you can take it out to enjoy some out-of-the-enclosure time. Due to their somewhat lax space needs, these animals are excellent apartment pets. Of course, we would not recommend skimping on the recommended specifications.

    And Live an Exceptionally Long Time

    If you are looking for a relatively long lived, healthy companion, snakes are the pet for you. Most species of snakes for sale tend to live around 20 years or longer, giving you plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company. 

    Wrapping Up

    For those who don’t understand these animals, raising and caring for a snake as a pet can be a somewhat intimidating idea. However, once you understand what these animals are like, it’s obvious that they can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. In fact, many people find their first experiences with pet snakes so great that they opt to get another. Most species of snake for sale provide a unique, long lasting companionship, and all without being too demanding on your time, energy, and resources. 

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