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    Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan


    The Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan deal in all kinds of control valves. That provides high flow capacity, flow distance and safe closing. Ideally, it should withstand the high pressure inside the pipe without deformation. It can withstand high pressure drops and prevent noise and cavitation. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications such as oil and gas, pump stations, and metallurgy.

    Our Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan are made of durable materials that perform well. There are two types of body materials: carbon steel and stainless steel. Covers are made of stainless steel, RPTFE or PEEK, all of which are ideal for demanding applications. Such as high pressure, high temperature and corrosive and corrosive media. The cage, stem and washers are made of stainless steel. Reliable poppet control valves for durability and safety.

    All control valves come with pneumatic or electric actuators. It provides easy automation and a safe working environment.

    Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan Features and Design Options

    Body Material Options

    The valve body acts as a primary seal preventing all operations on the valve. Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan offers two body materials for gate control valves. Both types are resistant to high pressure and have their own characteristics. Excellent flow of media such as abrasion, erosion and aqueous solutions.

    Carbon Steel

    Carbon steel is a type of steel with high tensile strength and excellent mechanical properties. It is also highly resistant to abrasion, pressure and sulfides. Maximum performance can be maintain in both hot and cold applications.

    Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is resistant to high temperature oxidation and has improve mechanical and physical properties. It can withstand harsh process conditions such as extremely high temperatures and pressures. Ultra-low pressure freezing conditions Processes that contain toxic, corrosive and corrosive substances.

    Pruning Material Choice For Control Valves

    The valve cover plate is important for steering the stem when the gala control valve is operating. We offer a wide range of material options for control valve fittings. All of these can be found in our factory.

    Stainless Steel 316

    Stainless steel 316 is an alloy of carbon, nickel, iron and chromium and has many uses. It is a non-magnetic stainless steel which is more flexible than other stainless steels. Works well in high pressure environments such as oil and gas applications. Sewage and wastewater treatment plants.


    Commonly known as Teflon, it is a versatile material. That shows excellent performance in a variety of demanding applications. Such as PTFE food and beverage, pharmaceutical and aviation. RPTFE or reinforce PTFE improves the mechanical properties of unpackage PTFE. This strengthens the material, and with reinforcements that are sturdier and better resistant to abrasion. Gala control valves perform better at higher temperatures and pressures. 



    Polyether ketone (PEK) is a colorless thermoplastic organic polymer. That has excellent chemical and mechanical resistance even in high temperature applications. It is widely use in chemical processes because it is strong enough. To withstand heat degradation and the effects of the aquatic environment. Aerospace and automobile industry.

    Engine Options

    Globe control valves have a variety of actuators. This ensures that certain system and automation requirements are met.

    Electric Motor

    Electric actuators are a cost effective and accurate valve automation solution. It is safe and convenient because it uses a ready-to-use electric actuator. In addition, the control system is easy to use as it operates primarily on electrical signals.

    Pneumatic Motor

    Pneumatic actuators are a simple and reliable way to control valves automatically. It is completely safe and uses always available compress air to operate the valve.

    How Does A Gala Gate Control Valve Work?

    The Gala control valve plug, also known as the disc, is the valve closing mechanism. Move to and close the valve opening to prevent media flow or to redirect to different parts of the process. The disk moves vertically from the sheet. This provides an optimal contact angle between the disc and seat ring, reducing the potential for leakage. This allows the disc to grip firmly with the force of locking.

    The stem connect to the disc moves up and down to open and close the valve. The stem can be smooth or thread. The thread stem allows the control valve to be manually operate via a mechanical ratchet. Turning the handwheel can partially or fully open and close the poppet valve. This allows the valve to operate both the throttle and shutdown. Meanwhile, the smooth stem causes the Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan is most important roll in HVAC Companies in Pakistan. To actuate automatically via hydraulic, pneumatic or electric actuators. The automatic actuator allows the valve to operate easily and safely.

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