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    Dental Implants Costs

    Dental Implants Costs


    The dental implants procedure is one of the best tooth replacement techniques nowadays, but still, many people do not recognize its benefits.

    Dental implants provide a variety of options for tooth replacement. If you want to replace a single tooth, you can opt for a single implant, or if you want to replace multiple teeth, there are other options like all-on-four, all-on-six, and all-on-four dental implant.

    Continue reading this article to know more about dental Implants Costs.

    What are dental implants?

    It is a procedure in which the tooth roots are replaced with an implant. The implant consists of a screw made up of titanium implant blend with the teeth easily. It is the best option or alternative for other tooth replacement techniques like bridge works, dentures, etc. If you want to visit an affordable and comfortable dental implant treatment, visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you.

    What is the cost of dental implants?

    The cost of obtaining a single tooth implant in India is around 20,000-50,000. However, the cost may fluctuate and vary based on the overall demand for the product.

    The various factors that could affect the cost of the treatment are:

    • The speciality of the dental clinic.
    • The experience of the dentist.
    • Materials used for the treatment.
    • More factors.

    Who are the suitable candidates for dental implant?

    For undergoing the dental implant treatment, you have to qualify with these suitabilities;

    • Before undergoing dental implant treatment, you must see whether you have good gums and teeth.
    • It would be best to have a good bone density before opting for dental implant treatment.
    • It would be best if you did not have the habit of smoking, etc.
    • It would be best to practice good oral hygiene and have good oral health.
    Dental Implant Benefits

    List out some benefits and side effects of dental implant?

    These dental implant have benefits as well as side effects. Consider both while opting for the dental implant treatment. So let’s see; first, we’ll see the benefits followed by the side effects;

    Prevent jaw bone loss:


    A missing tooth causes jaw bone loss in the mouth. The lack of stimulation to the jaw bone causes the jaw bone to lose slowly, and thus the dental implant maintain the mass of the jaw bone.

    Easy to take care of:

    Taking care of implants is just easy as a natural tooth. Even daily brushing and flossing will be enough to take care of dental implant.

    Eat whatever you want:

    After getting implants, there is no need to have restrictions on certain food. You can eat anything you want without avoiding certain foods.


    Dental implant are durable. Along with proper care and maintenance, dental implant can last up to 10-15 years on an average and maximum for a lifetime.

    Prevents gum diseases:

    A missing tooth in the mouth becomes the trap for many foods, which leads to the bacteria formation on the spot of the missing teeth and thereby causes gums diseases.

    Side effects:

    Temporary Swelling:

    Immediately after the dental implant, you may witness a typical swelling occur due to the surgery performed on the tooth.

    Takes time to heal:

    Dental implants take time to heal. The healing phase of dental implant is quite long compared to other dental procedures; this may be intolerable for many people.

    Failure of the Implant:

    The dental implant treatment isn’t always successful some patients have witnessed the adverse failure of the implant. So before getting to the implant treatment, you must have a good consultation with the dentist.


    Dental implants are quite an expensive procedure. When you compare the cost of the implants to the other dental replacements, it may sound costly to many of you, and thus you may not consider it worth investing in the implants.

    Replacing crown:

    The crown replacement is a repetitive procedure in which many people aren’t comfortable. After the dental implant is done, you have to replace the crown every 10-15 years until you need the dental implant.

    So these are some issues to consider with dental implant. It would help to overview both its benefits and its side effects for safe dental implant treatment.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implant cost:

    Which is considered the best age for dental implants?

    The American dental association has conveyed that over half of the men and the women have at least one missing teeth of age over 60. So considering that they have reported that it could be the ideal age for getting dental implants.

    Who is not a suitable candidate for a dental implant?

    You cannot undergo a dental implant if you are suffering from the following conditions;

    • You cannot opt for dental implant if you have less bone density.
    • You cannot opt for dental implant if you suffer from disorders like cancer, haemophilia, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.
    • You also cannot undergo a dental implant if you have problems with your immune system.

    So these are some conditions where you are not supposed to have the dental implant treatment.

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    Would you be under conscious while the dentist performs the dental implant procedure?

    Mostly they’ll use anaesthesia to make you unconscious to save you from the pain while performing the dental implant. Most of the patients will be conscious while the others who have an extreme fear of dentistry are put to sleep. Thus the dentist treats the patient.

    Hope you find the article helpful. If you have any queries about this article, you can comment below here in the comment section. See you soon with the next article.

    Thank you!

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