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    Custom Shoe Boxes Buying Guide For Manufacturers


    Getting custom shoe boxes for your brand is a thoughtful idea to make the packaging appropriate for every single customer. It just makes them feel special when the packaging is up to the mark. When getting custom shoe boxes from a manufacturer, keep the following things in mind to get the ideal one for your male and female customers. 

    Boxes for men footwear

    If you want to pick the right type of packaging for your footwear, know that it would work really well if you buy according to the footwear you sell. If you deal in men’s footwear, your packaging will be very different from the boxes prepared for ladies’ footwear. Men’s footwear is bigger in size than the women’s collection, so the boxes should be large enough to contain the product. 

    Strength: Also, men’s footwear is heavy, so you need to ensure that that box is sturdy and won’t tear off easily so that your customers can store the footwear easily. 


    The color choice of the custom shoe boxes also plays an important role in alluring the customers. The color of the box should give a first impression of the brand and also reflects what to expect inside. You would not want to provide a pink-colored fancy box to male customers; it would be a disaster! Pink is clearly a feminine color, so you need some out of the pink family and look for colors that give a little manly vibe. It’s not that you need to stick to just black or blue color. Choose any color, just make it attractive that would impress a man. 

    Custom shoe boxes for women

    The next target should be women clients. If you sell women’s footwear, your custom boxes need to be attractive as women do watch out for these things. You can now pick a smaller size; in our suggestion, get different size boxes, one that can fit the largest size available in your store and the second that is cute enough to fit in the smallest size. 


     Women’s footwear is generally lightweight and smaller in size. So, when customizing, you can go for lightweight boxes that don’t have hard cardboard. It will be easy for your women customers to carry the footwear easily as the box will not weigh them down. But, when we say lightweight, it doesn’t mean that you can compromise with the quality. The quality of the box should be good enough to withstand the external factors without wear and tear. 

    Colour: now comes the color of the custom shoe boxes when it’s for women’s footwear. Now you can use pinks and florals; bright colored boxes will be a great option. Your brand logo should be easily visible for free promotion amongst other people. Whatever colors you select, make sure that it’s attractive for your women clients. 

    These are some tips to get the ideal custom shoe boxes from the manufacturer. When you are going customization, make sure you make the most of this feature.

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