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    Creative custom Boxes can help in Growing your Apparel Business Faster


    If you are wondering what the big deal with custom boxes is, there are essential branding aims that the boxes are pro at fulfilling. Not convinced? This piece of article would alter your views about customized apparel packaging henceforth.

    The apparel boxes have more scope for brand promotions than many may care to consider. They curate branding messages and customer expectations effectively among other valuable features. But brands often miss this golden window to put the best version of themselves to entice customers.

    How are apparel boxes embedded in the brand’s success story?

    It is no surprise that high-end boxes capture customers’ imagination more cunningly than ordinary boxes. Why still do only a handful of businesses employ them for marketing? The prime reason is that there are numerous misconceptions circulating in the market that discourage apparel sellers from taking the plunge.

    Here we would debug some common myths surrounding the creation and implementation of customized apparel boxes. Get ready to get swayed!

    #1: More time-consuming

    One of the factors that keep customers from investing in personalized packaging is the time and effort required. Often, the amount is thought to be higher than reality.

    The fact is that contemporary printing techniques offer much more convenience in box creation than previously realized. Apparel makers can now get their designs tested and verified on their laptops before going for the final cut.

    It offers time savings in the form of:

    • Saving time in visiting printing houses in person. The designs, order quantity, and rectifications can be done from the comfort of the working spaces and sent to the printing partners.
    • Professional guidance. Box engineers are here to save the day in terms of offering a plethora of custom box style options.
    • Resolving errors. Printing errors cost a lot of time to rectify. They can be foreseen and corrected on the printing software. Alternatively, sellers have the option to order in custom quantities to give room for future alterations.

    Creating apparel boxes may not seem so time-consuming after all!

    #2: Are they worth it?

    Do the boxes, even after so much consideration and work, meet the objectives? This fear deters sellers from placing their confidence in branded boxes.

    You don’t have to take our word for believing that custom apparel packaging improves brand awareness. The following facts and numbers would speak for themselves.

    • About 55% of customers admit that they are more likely to buy the brand again when it provides premium boxes.
    • 48% of customers said that they would share their shopping experiences on social media handles if they come with creative designs.
    • 35% of consumers agreed that they are more likely to recommend branded boxes to others.

    These figures indicate clearly the impact of custom boxes on customers’ buying choices. If you aim to fit into the cult of popular apparel companies, then exhibiting branding elements on the boxes is a definite way to succeed.

    #3: Won’t they be more expensive?

    Surely they cost more at the face value. But the overall impact on the business expenses negates the price tag of these boxes.

    Firstly, the boxes fit to size. Custom dimensions reduce material usage and save on paper costs. Secondly, the packaging is made with creative shapes that also help to save on material quantity and hence, give firm protection to the sensitive apparel items. Efficient deliveries significantly lower refunds and customer complaints too.

    Moreover, when the boxes are used as a marketing tool, it reduces the need for excessive marketing drives and ensures that healthy bottom lines are maintained. Additionally, the apparel boxes present the products in a premium manner that ups the sales potential.

    Overall, customized boxes offer more possibilities to save on extra costs and improve profit levels. They are, therefore, more cost-productive than ordinary boxes that do not offer protection or material saving.

    #4: Will they live up to the hype?

    Surely, we do read a lot about custom printed shipping boxes and how they extend brand recognition and favorable brand vibes. But do they really relate positive feelings with the brand image?

    One of the most powerful features of customized packaging boxes is that they can be made in line with customer demands. For instance, millennial buyers expect to see sustainable boxes. Picking bio-degradable materials can achieve this customer requirement.

    Furthermore, placing box components that matter to the target customer groups can work to improve brand visibility. Apparel items aimed at sportspersons are boxed using energetic colors and progressive illustrations. Such boxes immediately catch the customers’ attention and prompt them to repeat purchases with the brand.

    All these features provide ample opportunities for the boxes to capture an increased market share. Customers are highly probable to notice the boxes made with personalized elements.

    custom boxes

    How to get going?

    You must have cleared your misconceptions regarding custom apparel boxes. They extend positive feelings to the customers. It is one of the marketing secrets that make us opt for our favorite brands every time we shop.

    If you are wondering how to get started, you only need to decide on:

    • The box style and size. Measure your apparel items to zero in on the box type. The same dimensions can be imbibed into creative packaging shapes too.
    • Next, decide the color printing. Would you require 2-color or 4-colors printing? Custom color combos are readily available too. Any brands specific shade must also be used to link the boxes to the business.
    • Finally, decide what branding messages you desire to convey to your customers. It could contain the brand logo, title, tag lines, personalized welcome notes, using manuals, business contact info, etc.

    Once you have identified these areas; your box design is good to go. A couple of other factors like the font and image sizes and styles can be discussed with your printing partners.


    Building custom boxes is not that hard. It takes a few steps to get the apparel packaging appeal right.  Don’t miss this chance to enhance productivity levels.

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