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    Cool Styles for Your Minimalist Earrings


    Minimalism is the trend nowadays. From homes to earrings, everything is being designed in an uncomplicated and minimal way for the new generation. Minimalist earrings belong to the evergreen era of fashion that never really was unpopular. You can create so many chics, elegant looks with minimalist earrings. Make them the standpoint of your attire and watch them catch everyone’s eyes.  If you are one of the minimalist earrings lovers and cannot decide on how to style or pair your sweet dear earrings, read on to find out ways you flaunt those babies! 

    The Classic Hoops!

    Remember the 90s? Everyone going gaga over the big classic hoops! Hoops are those classic earrings that never went out of fashion. You can pair them with your everyday look. Hoops make you look chic and sleek both at the same time. Put your hair back in a ponytail and let the hoops steal everyone’s attention. Team the classic minimalist earrings with your cool jeans to bring out the best of both worlds. Hoops go with every occasion, so owning a pair of them would make you good to go anywhere!

    The Delicate Studs.

    Want to keep it simpler? Get that cute look with the forever studs. Studs come in various designs now, so you get more fun in pairing them up with your regular outfit, your work outfit or your party outfit. Minimalist stud earrings are the ones which would give you that girly, cutesy and delicate look and vibe. Another good thing about studs is that they are like hoops, never go out of style, so you don’t have to bother about whether you should buy another stud or not! And to put a cherry on top, these studs come in different colours – Silver, Yellow gold and Rose gold!

    The Trendiest Geometry!

    Who thought geometry could be used to enhance fashion! But here it is, the trendiest geometric shaped earrings! These are the earrings you should definitely get if you like to create your own trendy looks! Owning one pair of these, would give you the unique, classy and chic look! You can wear different patterns in one ear or both. Or you can even wear just one! Geometric shaped earrings look fabulous irrespective of the size you choose. Either way, you are going to have a limelight on you 24/7.

    Minimalist Drop Earrings.

    With minimalist jewelry taking over the trends, the drop earrings are stealing the hearts of everyone! It makes your ears look elegant and your neck beautifully carved. It makes your neck long elongated, so if you want to go with a look where your neck should stand out, you know what to do! They come in various sizes, so choose according to your taste and make a style-statement.

    The Geometric Stud!

    These little ones, give you a unique look. With the minimalist designs, you can literally pair them with anything you want! These are one of the best unisex earrings. So, if you have been thinking about ditching that girly look and giving out a tomboyish charm, go for these little ones. You can even create vintage looks with these beautiful geometric studs. Go on experiment with these little studs and watch them bring the spotlight on you.

    Minimalist Ear Climbers.

    Don’t want anything hanging from your ear? Well get these, they stick to your ear lobes like a climber. It will not only give you a chic look, but will also make you stand out in the crowd. It will give a strong image of you. The best attires you can pair with these earrings are office attires and party wears. See the extreme sides it covers? That’s how it brings out both the sides of you!

    Minimalist Pearl Drops.

    Pearls never go out of fashion. And more so when you put them in small drops. Pearl drops are those minimalist earrings that go with everything irrespective of the color of your attire. So, when in confusion or running late for something, you can just grab these from your dresser and you are good to go!

    Add more sparkles to your attires with these cute, delicate, elegant and bold babies. Have your own spotlight with these beautiful minimalist earrings!

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