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    Complete Guide to Zoho Mail Sign Up/Login Account


    Zoho is a customer and market relationship tools delivering business service company that also delivers the facility of free email service for personal usage.

    What is the Zoho Email service and what benefits does it deliver to its users?

    As we mentioned above Zoho also provides the facility of free email service for personal usage with an Ad-free inbox with several benefits which we will talk about below.

    Benefits of Using Zoho Email

    • Dropbox integration
    • Attachments (20MB size)
    • The benefit of Up to 25 Email Address 
    • Email Address with 5GB storage with each account.

    Step to sign up for a Zoho free Personal account

    • Then you have to select a domain according to your region which you can change by tapping on the small icon on the top of the right corner of the screen because your email address will end according to your selected region. for instance, if you’re from India, your email address will end with
    • The next step will be selecting the “personal email option” in the signup form which you will find on the top right of the page.
    • Then create a username which is typically the first part of your email address. Sometimes it will show you that your username is not available because it has been taken by some other Zoho user trying to use different variations.
    • Now make a strong password length of 8 characters mix of lower case and uppercase letters, numbers and at least one symbol.
    • Next type first name and last name.
    • Then you have to register your mobile number on Zoho, then Zoho will send a unique code to your mobile number which you have to put on Zoho which will complete your mobile number registration.
    • If you are a fan of reading, you can check out the terms and conditions.
    • Lastly, click the “sign up free button”.

    And one more thing if you have your Europe domain then the process will be a change in process, then it will ask for an alternative email address instead of a mobile number and the verification code will come on the email address rather than the mobile number that’s it.

    Once the email address and password have been created on Zoho now let’s look-see the Zoho account login process.

    How to login in for the Zoho email?

    Now that you have created your free email account you can enter anytime by putting your Zoho mail Sign in address and password at

    As simple as that.

    And if for some reason you have forgotten your password, there is an option to help you to create a new password called ‘forgot password” which will land you in the password reset form.

    Don’t worry we will also show you how to fill the password reset form.

    How to fill Password reset for them?

    Here are the steps to fill password reset from:-

    • First, type your email address, then fill out a captcha that will prove that you are not a robot.
    • Then click on the request button which will begin the verification process.
    • Next, a verification email come on your alternative email address which you have provided earlier containing a verification link
    • Then you have to click on that link which will take you to the password reset screen.
    • Now you have to type the new password and then type it again for the sake of confirmation.
    • Lastly, click the change button and you can see that your password has been changed and from then onwards you will use a new password to sign in.

    Hopefully, we have cleared all your doubts and made it easier for you to create and sign in to Zoho mail and Zoho mail sign up.

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