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    Choice of Handles for Kitchen Cabinets


    We talk about some of the kitchen handles on the market, trends and models, how they are made and recommendations.

    When we assemble a new kitchen or we want to renovate the one we already have, one of the choices we must face is what type of handles we are going to install on our furniture and drawers.

    I believe that the doubts that are usually had are the same for everyone and it is worth highlighting the most important:

    What shooters are in fashion or trending at the moment? It is undoubtedly one of the most common questions since if you put new handles; the last thing you want is for them to go out of style after a few months.

    What qualities and materials of kitchen cupboard handles can I choose? As we will see a little later, there are different types of material with which the handles are made, and a host of other color finishes.

    Other questions that we can ask ourselves is what wear they will have, how long they will last, if there is a possibility that they will scratch, stain or leave traces easily, with what products should I clean them…

    To resolve all these doubts and so that you can make the most appropriate choice of shooters for you, we will try to explain everything point by point.

    In the first place we will start with which handles are in fashion or are a trend. This point is difficult to determine since the choice of a kitchen cupboard handles is like everything else, it is about taste, yes, it is better to have good taste because this accessory dresses our kitchen a lot.

    On the one hand, we must take into account the style of our kitchen. By this I mean the type of furniture we have, the material, the finish and the dimensions of our furniture.

    In wooden kitchens in dark cherry-type finishes, you can put modern handles in matt colors. The other variant would be a more classic kitchen in oak wood, even with some type of carving or joinery work on the doors of the furniture with which we could accompany it with a rustic-style handle with bronze or oxide bronze finishes.

    On the other hand, the increasingly common modern kitchens, with smooth Formica or DM lacquered doors in the most diverse colors in matt or gloss, with which the most suitable handles would undoubtedly be metal handles with gloss finishes.  Matte or even combined with some color detail.

    Finally we have to take into account the dimensions of our kitchen, furniture with doors and large or small fronts. In large kitchens, the trend has been to mount large and long handles that give a touch of personality to the doors and drawers. On the other hand, in small kitchens we can opt for handles with the same or similar designs but shorter, even mounting a design knob.

    Types of handles by material

    Now we will talk about what material kitchen cupboard handles are made of, giving a brief description of each one and its quality-price.

    Stainless Steel Handles

    It is undoubtedly the most robust and durable material and the one we have all heard of to a greater or lesser extent. As its name suggests, it does not rust over time, although it can darken a little with use if we do not clean it properly. Products such as ammonia or some specific metal cleaners are ideal for its maintenance. These kitchen cupboard handles usually have a slightly higher price than the rest, but nothing further if we consider that they can last the entire useful life of our kitchen.

    Zamak handles

    This is perhaps the most used material for the manufacture of handles and one of the best sellers. It offers versatility similar to steel; it is a hard, resistant and difficult to scratch material resulting from an alloy of metals such as zinc, copper, aluminum and magnesium. Its price is much lower than that of steel, and we can find it in many finishes such as chrome, nickel and metallic, with bronze, gold, silver baths or even colored paint. It should be noted that it offers great resistance to wear but that over the years it can become noticeable, especially in colored handles.

    Aluminum Handles

    Aluminum is a light material but at the same time durable since it is difficult for corrosion to attack it. In addition, its price is somewhat cheaper than stainless steel, so it can be a good alternative to it. Its natural matte finish, in addition to giving us a touch of modernity, will make us forget about the typical marks on the kitchen cupboard handles, as it is an anti-fingerprint material.

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