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    Car Cleaning Service Provider In Copenhagen


    A cleaning every now and then at home in the driveway failed absolutely nothing but a complete cleaning of the car often requires a lot of special equipment that are not available at home. At in Odense, we have all the equipment it requires to perform both interior and exterior cleaning and care for your car. An interior cleaning consists of thorough vacuuming, cleaning of carpets, seats, canopy and floor mats. Window cleaning. Cleaning of air/ventilation nozzles, vinyl, and plastic. Exhaust with special turbo compressed air. In addition, we remove odors like cigarette smoke, pets or other inconvenient odors. If your seats are upholstered in leather, we also have special cleaning agents and methods for a thorough leather cleaning.

    At Auto, we offer Bil rengøring (car cleaning) to all our customers. We clean your car interior as well as exterior, and we dare to guarantee that it will be as clean as it was when it was brand new. Many customers in Valby, Glostrup and Albertslund use us as their favorite car workshop, and we have customers from all over Greater Copenhagen. No matter where you come from, we are happy to receive your car here in Brøndby and give it a round of thorough cleaning or put it in some other way.

    Our external cleaning consists of i.a. of steam cleaner of engine compartments, door seams, rims and a special degreasing steam cleaner of the paint. Thorough depth polishing, long-lasting lacquer sealing, window polishing and removal of rust, tar and fallout.

    We offer separate interior or exterior cleaning, but you can also choose to get the complete package, where we give your car the whole trip. The complete cleaning will make your car look like new without costing you a fortune. strives to clean your car at a really good price.

    When we say that we take pride in making your car, it’s all about your car. Therefore, it is also an honor that we can be allow to make car preparation on a working day. It gives us the opportunity to put the final finish on the car so that it looks sharp and beautiful.

    This can involve polishing the car’s interior, cleaning seats, wiping dust off all surfaces, shaking mats and vacuuming seats and bottoms. We make sure that the interior cleaning plays and the exterior is sharp. With an interior Rengøring af bil (Car cleaning) and car wash with us, you drive away with a beautiful and shiny car.

    And we treat it that way. If you want your car to be sharp, we offer interior cleaning. We take pride in car care and therefore our mechanics will provide their absolute best in car preparation. We do it with pleasure when you do not bother. There should be no doubt that we want the absolute best for you and your car.

    Therefore, we would like to help you get rid of another time waster when the car is already in the workshop – or maybe when it just needs a thorough cleaning. Either way, we think the dirty work of cleaning a car can easily be left to us. We have a very high standard, and only want to take care of and service your car as best we can. Therefore, your car will be pamper during car care here with us.

    When preparing, we probably do not get around an interior cleaning of a car. Many people associate a car interior with vacuuming, a cloth, and some polished windows. But we do not see it that simple at Good Car Care. Because with a thorough interior cleaning of a car. We get right into all the nooks and corners and tornado blowers all over the bottom, and for that we use special machines. It is precisely the interior car care that requires extra time. As there are different materials and surfaces that need to be clean. Spend your time on what you most want and let us take care of a professional Bilvask københavn (Carwash copenhagen). With us, we can guarantee that you get a thorough cabin cleaning.

    We start by clearing the car of empty coffee mugs and other debris so we can get to. Mats are taken out and clean with compress air and soap. So that everything that is firmly attached can come off. We then vacuum the entire car thoroughly. The air conditioner is cleaned and with a compressed air gun we clean all hooks. Seats are tornado washe with soapy water and wet vacuum cleaner. Finally, we polish all the windows, both inside and out.

    If you use your car in connection with your work. Whether it is as a driving salesman or craftsman, we know how important it is to have a clean car. This applies both when it comes to one’s face externally, but also when it comes to one’s own well-being. Therefore, a thorough interior cleaning of car is always a good idea. Contact us on 45 30 20 58 55 and let us take loving care of your car.

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