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    CAA CATIA is all you must to know for CAD Program


    Caa catia can create three-dimensional models that are parametric or non-parametric. It is compatible with Windows, Solaris, IRIX and HP-UX. There are many different types of 3D modeling software for different types of users depending on their needs. From beginners to professionals. CATIA (Computer-Aided Three dimensional Interactive Application) software is a complete multi-platform solution for computer-aided design, manufacturing, engineering, 3D and PLM.


    From product to transportation, style and design play significant roles in its commercial success.Create innovative shapes. And materials, attain an extremely high degree of surface sophistication in terms of quality. And design, as well as then get the best decision tools by using virtual and physical prototypes. These are the fundamental components of CATIA Design and Styling to help drive innovation in design.

    From 3D sketching Surface subdivision, Class A modeling, to 3D printing reverse engineering visualization, and expert knowledge. CATIA Design / Styling offers all the tools to help you achieve creative design quality, surface perfection and product experience.


    As the products and experiences are becoming more complex the quality and performance goals become more challenging. CATIA meets these demands by enabling the rapid creation of high-quality mechanical devices.

    Mechanical engineers who use CATIA 3D models are able to gain insights into the most important quality. And performance factors earlier in the design stage. Digital prototypes, when combined with digital analysis and simulation allows product development teams to virtually design. And analyze mechanical products in their operating environment.

    CATIA Engineering provides the platform that lets engineers design any kind of 3D assembly. Which can be used for many engineering procedures.

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    Systems engineering

    The development of intelligent products has never been more difficult. Developers require an integrated system of engineering that allows to control the entire process of development.

    Engineering requirements and system architecture definition specific simulation and modeling of complex systems. As well as integrated software development, have to be handled in a single all-inclusive product.

    Dassault Systemes’ System Engineering solution provides a single, flexible. And open platform platform that integrates the inter-discipline of simulation, modeling, verification. And business process management necessary to build sophisticated “cyber-physical” products.

    It allows companies to swiftly and efficiently review the needs for changes or new products. And digital mock-ups (DMUs) and different versions of the system. All while using an engineering-based performance-based method that helps reduce total costs for systems and the time to develop products.

    The engineering and design procedures for construction requires close collaboration among different parties in every stage in the process. Furthermore, more complicated construction projects demand all teams to utilize 3D as an integrated language to aid in collaboration. And decrease the need for rework in between the various phases.


    3D Experience allows engineers and architects to push the boundaries of traditional methods for project delivery by utilizing. A variety of 3D modeling software that spans every phase of engineering and design. The result is a complete digital continuity for a variety of team members using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


    1. Robust, specific features for the industry and applications to design buildings and infrastructure
    2. The creation of extremely detailed models that comply to industry standard (IFC)
    3. Design for fabrication using the development of models that are compatible with prefabrication and industrialized construction techniques
    4. The location of the model as well as control for the project within the area of the city.
    5. Generation of associative documents in 2D using the 3D model
    6. Extracting the entire BOM from the model of the building
    7. Collaboration with consultants and partners from outside through. The import of various file types and integrating these into the model master
    8. Make use of the knowledge you have gained by using the same templates, best practices and models across different projects

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