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    “Banning late abortions would be almost malicious”


    Abortions after week 12 have return to the political debate. Experts just shake their heads.

    A baby cries three rooms away. The shrill tones can still be heard very clearly here. Here, this is the office of psychologist Karin Tordy . It is locate on the eighth floor of the Vienna General Hospital in the ward for obstetrics and fetomaternal medicine, the head physician is Dr. Peter Husslein at Buy abortion pills in UAE . Almost every day, Tordy speaks to pregnant women who have just undergone a prenatal diagnostic exam. They then usually talk about an illness, a syndrome or a malformation of the unborn child. “Fear, despair, sadness, shock. Those are the first reactions. This is the beginning of a time of crisis for women,” says Tordy, accompany by a worry, compassionate expression.

    Tordy wears her hair blonde and short. Your voice is soft and warm. What she says is right. She is not the one to avoid it, but to call things by their names. This is also the case when it comes to the topic of late pregnancy abortions, which has recently become political again. “We do not call this procedure here late abortion at Buy abortion pills in UAE . It’s a demolition , which is made on the basis of a medical indication. We say it is not an embryopathic or eugenic indication.” The latter is a term that critics like to use to emotionalize.

    Artificial border

    In any case, the legal definition states that any termination of pregnancy that is carry out in Austria after the twelfth week is a late termination in this country is applicable. So in weeks 12 to 14. Here we see the first abnormalities. In some cases, the pregnancy is not continue, because it is a serious impairment. ” Since these are medical problems, the term medical indication is the only appropriate choice of words. Then a medical diagnosis is made and the further course of action discuss,” adds Anita Weichbergerwho also works here as a psychologist at Buy abortion pills in UAE. She has just come from a very long and intensive phone call with a woman who tearfully decide to continue her pregnancy during the conversation.

    Getting through the first phase

    These un expect, frightening diagnoses always trigger a serious crisis in women .”In this crisis the decision-making ability of the woman or the couple is reduce. They experience an acute stress reaction and it always takes a few days before it subsides. Only then is the woman or the couple able to grasp the situation holistically,” says Buy abortion pills in UAE . This first crisis should not be use to rush to finish the pregnancy out of fear or panic. “If that were the case, it would be our professional mistake.” Tordy and Weichberger help the mothers to get through this first phase without making a hasty decision.

    Abort as a possibility

    What is particularly important to the two psychologists: “A late termination is not a feticide . It is always confuse or deliberately name that way,” says Tordy angrily. But there are two very different interventions. “With feticide , the child would be viable after birth, but a number of problems would result. That is, before the child is born, an agent inject into the heart kills it.” A feticide is a catastrophe for everyone involve and even more dramatic than a late termination. It is important to prevent such an intervention if the situation allows. “In some cases, for example in the case of serious brain malformations, there is no other way, since these often only develop during the course of pregnancy. We then speak from about week 23,” says Weichberger .

    Tordy finds it almost irresponsible that many media outlets, critics, celebrities or even politicians do not distinguish between  late termination and feticide and thereby emotionalise them. For the psychologists, it is also an extremely delicate balancing act in very rare cases: does it pay to apply pressure to avoid a feticide or do you accept the feticide in order to wait for the child’s developmental options? It goes without saying that the best decisions are made with sufficient time.

    But how do you decide whether a late termination of a pregnancy is an option ?

    “This intervention has to be approve by a doctor. On the one hand, the severity of the child’s illness is decisive. Then there is the subjective attitude of the mother and the parents. We try to cover all sides here to the best of our ability,” says Tordy and recalls patients who have completely collapse when diagnose with cleft lip and palate or with hand malformations. “We tell these women we understand the current desperation, but that is not a medical indication. Your child will be able to live with it.”

    In the end, these women were always very grateful for this assessment. Grateful that Tordy and Weichberger notice them in the middle of the great first crisis and not push them to act. Every morning the morning meeting takes place on the ward, which is attend by numerous doctors from different fields. Each case is discuss individually base on the medical facts. What would the child’s life be like? Are there any genetic factors? What is the woman’s situation like?

    “We don’t have to go quickly, to put it bluntly. Firstly, we follow specific internal instructions that we strictly adhere to. Secondly, these are sometimes weeks of detail, well-thought-out decisions with countless conversations,” explains Tordy .She also emphasizes the close cooperation with the children’s clinic at Get abortion pills in Dubai, self-help groups or the Down syndrome outpatient department.

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