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    Why The World Protest Against Blasphemy Issues in China


    Let’s know about Blasphemy before starting the entire conversation of blasphemy in China. So what does the term Blasphemy mean? According to Merriam Webster dictionary. Blasphemy is termed as – “the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God ”. In more simple words this is purely religious. Anything that you do that is against religious beliefs or even if you question the existence of God, comes under the act of Blasphemy. 

    In this section, we’ll discuss blasphemy laws. Around the world, blasphemy laws are present in many countries. These laws have strict punishments for those who are caught in the act of involving in Blasphemy. In simple words- A blasphemy law is a law prohibiting blasphemy. Where blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence to a deity, sacred objects, or toward something considered sacred. As of 2014, there were laws or policies against blasphemy in roughly a quarter of the world’s countries and territories.

    Why Do Countries Have Blasphemy laws

    It is important to note that criticism and blasphemy are not the same. Critics can criticize a religious belief based on logic, reason, and rationality. They can do it without defaming that belief, whereas blasphemy is defaming that belief in words or deeds. Human rights organizations have repeatedly condemned them, and the United Nations Human Rights Council has passed resolutions condemning them. Blasphemy laws have not been enforced in some parts of the world for many years, in the law books. But since 2015, a concerted international campaign has sought to repeal these laws in the hopes of raising awareness. It is about how these laws are used around the world to persecute religious and political minorities. Blasphemy laws are justified in some jurisdictions as “preserving” a majority’s religious convictions. Whereas, in others, they are thought to safeguard minorities’ religious beliefs.

    Human rights advocates argue for legislation that makes a clear distinction. They distinguish between protecting individual liberties and restricting freedom of speech too generally. Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights mandates that governments pass legislation. Against “any advocacy of national racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility, or violence”. They do, however, caution that such protections must be properly limited. They do not favor the outright prohibition of blasphemy.

    Does China Have Blasphemy Laws?

    Now before going any further we need to know if china has any sort of blasphemy laws? Although technically China doesn’t have any law against Blasphemy. But there happen to be incidents in which certain communities in China get targeted by others. In such cases, we have seen that the Chinese authorities take strict actions against them Including putting them in jail. But there is no direct law that can put you in jail or any kind of trouble just for the fact of Blasphemy. In the very recent case Muslims in Turkey protest against blasphemy in China. The Chinese restaurant is creating issues of sacrilege in China.

    Well, China is a communist party in which religion is regulated by state organizations so religious people can have some sort of freedom concerning that but atheism is the main policy of communism especially when missionary activities are banned but in Hong Kong and Macau.

    The real issue in China is sacrilege, the Chinese create issues for Muslims. There were many such cases in which China has created issues for the Muslim community. By putting Muslim people into jail to putting Muslims in situations where they have no options other than crying. China is doing everything possible to create a havoc kind of situation for the Chinese Muslim community. These poor people can be seen seeking help from the world through social media.

    Source: The New Indian


    The issue of blasphemy in China is an old issue, China needs to be treated in a good way so that they don’t do it soo frequently with a particular community.

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