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    Best Smart Watches Of 2022 Gadgets


    Best Smart Watches Of 2022

    Today I think I want to talk about smartwatches it’s kind of the piece of tech that people wear more and more often, I always have something on my wrist you can tell by this atrocious watch tan. there’s typically something always on here.

    I thought it would be a great time to talk about the best smartwatches. That you can kind of currently getting the OG watch which, We’ll get to at the very end in no particular order we’ll start with this one first.

    Huawei Watch 3 Pro

    It’s the one that I’ve been using lately this is the Huawei watch 3 pros and what makes this watch great is the build quality first, It kind of really mimics what you’ve got going on in the original watch scene so this is my omega sea master planet ocean stainless steel, pretty premium design and I feel like out of all these smart watch this one has the most premium feel out of it.

    The nice thing Huawei does make other sizing options is they aren’t the watch 3 pros, I believe they’re the watch gt line 42 mils, 45 and 46 mil option.

    This can get you up to 21 days which is pretty ridiculous for a smart watch you lose some of the functionality with going into ultra-long battery mode, but if you go on a trip for a week maybe even two weeks up to three times seven twenty-one you can theoretically go up to 3 weeks without even charging.

    This is great so the watch is built around harmony OS and the first thing since I booted it up it’s surprisingly quick, surprisingly snappy, I have noticed with other Huawei watches or other android watches, in general, the interface experience is a bit slow sometimes a bit laggy.

    I mentioned this is one of the bigger watches faces so 1.43 inches an OLED screen. so the display is nice and bright it’s vibrant and it was actually kind of funny going through all of the different wallpaper options this reminded me of the mac os Monterey background.

    Apple Watch Series 7

    What we’ve got going on this site is just ensure that your wrist can handle the chunkiness moving on to the next watch, which probably controls most of the market share it’s the one that I think a lot of people know the best this is the apple watch more specifically series seven so I think the apple watch needs no introduction if the apple watch department moved away from apple it would still be its own fortune 500 company.

    Apple has claimed, that you can now use a Kubernetes keyboard texting with your apple watch I still find that hard to do I can’t quite get the hang of it but this is the largest apple watch design that you can currently get I will say though out of all of these I guess maybe not including the Fitbit but because I’m an OG watch guy.

    If you want to go ultra baller, I think they have a limited-edition Hermes model not saying that you should drop your money on it but the options are always there another great thing that I have to say about the apple watch.

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