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    Online Quran Academy


    Before we go into the websites where you may read/recite the Quran online, let’s have a look at the impacts and advantages of Quran recitation.

    What is Quran?

    The Holy Quran is a collection of commandments and instructions given to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in order to lead us, as humans, to salvation.

    It is exceedingly precious and outstanding in its meaning since it contains God’s own words. If someone want to connect with Allah Almighty via heart, he or she must first connect with Allah’s words.

    The Glorious Quran, in such a way that the heart is immediately affected, for it is the heart that believes in Allah Almighty.

    A person who believes in Allah and wishes to draw closer to Him would find the Quran to be refreshing, elevating, and energising. “Then do they not meditate upon the Quran?”

    Allah Himself says concerning the Quran. “They would have discovered considerable disagreement in it if it had come from someone other than Allah.” 4:82 in the Quran.

    Advantages of reciting the Quran:

    Aside from religious benefits like as rewards, reading the Quran on a daily basis has additional advantages.

    One of the advantages is that it reduces tension and anxiety. It is stated that reciting the Holy Quran is the most effective treatment for stress and anxiety.

    If you’re worried about something, the easy solution is to recite or listen to the Holy Quran. You may locate the Quran online and listen to it to soothe your mind and heart, lowering your stress levels.

    Furthermore, the Quran alleviates one of their erratic heart rhythms. Cardiac disorders are significant, yet reading the Quran can help to alleviate one of them

    When it comes to the benefits of reciting the Quran, there are several. The Quran creates a connection between a person and Allah.

    It rids a person of all bad ideas and provides harmony to one’s existence. On the Day of Judgment, the Quran will work as an intercessor, guiding us to Paradise.

    Muhammad (SAW), the beloved Prophet, said:

    “Read the Quran, for it will come as an intercessor for its companions on the Day of Standing (Judgment).” (Muslim)

    When it comes to the Quran’s internet availability, there are a plethora of Online Quran Academies that offer Learn online reading or download the Quran. The following is a list of some of them.


    1. Online Quran Academy

    Online Quran Academy is one of the websites that provide internet access to the Quran. They have a fairly straightforward user interface.

    On the main page of the website, all of the Surahs (chapters) are mentioned. You may choose the Surah you wish to read and it will lead you to that page.

    The Surah is broken into “Ayahs” and supplied with an English translation. Aside from the translation, you may listen to the ayah and share it on other social media channels like as Facebook.

    You can also read the “Tafsir” and flip between translations in other languages. Online Quran academy also offers a beta version that looks promising, since it deconstructs each word and explains its meanings. Read More.

    2. TANZIL.NET is another website where you may read the Quran online. The site has a little flaw in that you don’t land on the home page.

    However, utilising the sidebar menus, one can simply access to any chapter. It offers a number of features that may be utilised to improve your viewing experience.

    Such as translation on hover, which allows you to read the Quran in Arabic without much on-screen clutter.

    You may also download the full Quran in Arabic with Translations in many languages and Symbols in a number of formats, including MySQL and XML, from’s supplementary resources.


    Another website that provides access to the Quran is this one.

    Its primary page is Surah Fatiha, the first Surah of the Quran, and it includes two columns on the page.

    One with the Arabic text and the other with translation in your chosen language, side by side.

    You may listen to online Quran recitations, which include recitations by a number of Muslim experts.

    You have the option of choosing who you want to listen to and appreciate. It also has the ability to change the font, zoom in and out, and print the text.


    LISTEN2QURAN.COM is a website that allows you to listen to the Quran online.

    This website is exactly what it says on the tin. By just picking the reciter and the Surah, you may listen to the Quran while reading it online.

    You have a wide range of languages to choose from. This website offers a user-friendly interface that is simple to use.


    Another excellent resource for reading the Quran online is Quran Flash.

    Quran is also available for free download on both Windows and Mac. To paraphrase the website’s description, they offer a number of appealing qualities.

    Audio listening, interpretation, translations, transliteration, textual copying, bookmarking, commenting, sharing, and highlighting are all available for each verse.

    This edition of Quran flash offers a robust zooming capability, highly useful, comparing to the previous function.

    It is linked to the user’s Facebook account, allowing all bookmarks, highlights, and other information to be accessed from anywhere.

    It also has a unique page-by-page audio recitation option, as well as page layouts and automated navigation. This feature allows for point-to-point looping, which aids with Quran memorizing.

    The main page displays their collection of printed copies of the Holy Quran. They are available to read online or to download.


    This website looks a lot like Online Quran Academy. The Holy Book can be accessed chapter by chapter or by Juz.

    After you’ve chosen your Surah, you can begin reading it. You may change the font, change the translation language, and see the complete surah or divide it up into Ayahs.

    Once you’ve opened the Surah you wish to read. You may also listen to the Quran being recited while reading it online.


    Another website that provides free internet access to the Quran is this one.

    It gives users a variety of alternatives from which to choose. You can recite the Quran, read its English or Urdu translation, read its Tafsir, or listen to and read Hadith online.

    It also includes a translation of the Quran in different languages. Several scholars, including Nouman Ali Khan, have written Tafsir.


    This site is a carbon copy of Online Quran Academy and Quran Academy. Its users have access to the same services and interfaces.


    Another website that provides an online Quran is this one. It has a simple UI and lacks the extensive functionality provided by the other sites mentioned above.

    Simply choose the Chapter and verse, and it will take you to the appropriate page. In only a few clicks, you may read the Quran online for free.

    10. THE QURAN

    The last website on my list where you may read the Quran online is this one. On a simple interface with translation and transliteration.

    All you have to do is pick a Surah and read it. This website is also user-friendly on mobile devices.

    Unlike the majority of the websites in this page, it does not require registration.

    To sum up, all Muslims must read the Quran, and the best and most convenient method to do so is over the internet.

    You may read any print of the Quran online with translations and explanations in a variety of languages without trouble.

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