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    Best Home Cleaning Service Provider


    We are your cleaning company in Aalborg, Rengøringshjælp, and the surrounding area. Maks Rengøringshjælp performs various cleaning tasks for private individuals and offers commercial cleaning, office cleaning, and stair washing. In addition, we also perform cleaning tasks for housing associations and real estate companies.

    When we talk about office cleaning and cleaning business premises – whether it is large or small facilities, we are also talking about working environment and indoor climate. Employees and customers need things to appear clean and presentable. As a customer, it is not positive to get into a dirty and dingy environment. It gives a poor sales, and for the employees who work in the office or in the business, it is also important that the surroundings appear clean and inviting because it promotes the work environment and motivation for the individual employee when the indoor climate is at its peak.

    Are you looking for a professional Rengøringsfirma cleaning company to take care of your cleaning? At JACOBSENS RENGØRING, we offer both private cleaning and commercial cleaning, for example in the form of office cleaning. You may also need help cleaning sheds or moving cleaning. Our cleaning company is located, but we also have customers in Aalborg and the surrounding area. Of course, we are also happy to come to other areas and perform cleaning services.

    A cleaning company facilitates your everyday life

    Cleaning service in the home or business can be the thing that facilitates everyday life and provides more profits. It is always delicious and nice to come to something clean and neat. In addition, a clean workplace provides a better working environment.

    We are aware that it is a matter of trust to have outsiders in cleaning companies to clean in his private House Keep-Up Co or in the company. That is why we are very responsible for the task, and all the employees in our cleaning company have a clean criminal record. At the same time, we always strive to send the same staff. In general, we collect satisfied customers who receive the agreed Rengøring cleaning in the agreed quality on time. In other words, we focus on responsibility and loyalty.

    What does a cleaning company take per hour?

    The price of the cleaning varies a lot. How much to make, how big is the area, etc? You prefer to choose whether you want a fixed price, or whether you want to pay a fixed hourly price. The fixed hourly rate will vary depending on whether it is private or business.

    We offer customers an individual cleaning solution that fits into the individual customer’s needs and wishes. For example, our cleaning company can change the cleaning from week to week.

    Contact us for a quote on cleaning service

    If you have any questions, you are of course welcome to contact us. Hear more about what we can offer in the field of cleaning, or get a non-binding offer by calling or writing to us. If you live in Cicero, IL, and need someone to help you with the cleaning, don’t hesitate and contact House Keep-Up Co.

    We are ready by phone at +45 4880 9952 you can also send us an e-mail to [email protected]ø Then we will return as soon as possible.

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