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    Best App and Tech Features to Include in Your Biz


    The idea of staying ahead of the competition has never been fully embraced. That’s because some businesses are reluctant to explore the available app and tech features that can help them flow smoothly. Since it’s hard to gain a strong market presence without integrating some aspects of the latest technology, here are some accessories you should start using. Note that most of them don’t need a lot of financial sacrifice to leverage.

    Virtual Assistant (VA)

    Not so many business owners are aware of the existence of Vas. However, this is something that keeps getting popular by the day. However, some entrepreneurs have already learned of the benefits of Vas. Thus, they’ve started adding them for their customers as a way of giving them the best experience on their platforms. But you don’t want to be left out.

    To have more business opportunities, you need to enable quick response and accurate information sharing. Through VAs, you can easily improve customer interaction and earn their trust. Suppose your business has not started using virtual assistants, then you’re missing out on many business opportunities.

    Office 365 Onboarding

    As a company, you’ll need to work on some projects. In many cases, some of your staff won’t be sure of what is expected. It can also happen that your project manager doesn’t know what needs to be done. That’s where office 365 onboarding comes in handy.

    With this technology, you can orient your team and help them comprehend the project copes. This also helps you with automating labor-intensive processes, transferring data, and effectively managing large projects. Note that this technology lets you leverage the available Microsoft features to make your business stand out. This is what you need to keep everything organized for the success of the upcoming project.

    Google Docs

    You don’t have to be working on a project to keep things organized in your company. Maybe you have some employees working remotely, and they should keep pace with the ones working from the office. In that case, you want to encourage the use of Google Docs.

    With Docs, your workers can tackle similar bits of daily goals to ensure that they are excellently achieved. They can share documents and edit them in real-time based on the company’s standards. Encourage your staff to develop a single account where they can go and get things done without stunting daily progress.

    3D Printing

    3D printing might not be one of the latest trends. The only problem is that not all businesses have fully explored the idea of creating things on virtually any material. It’s one of the fastest-growing technologies and is currently available in all industries, and you should also start making good use of it.

    With 3D, you can easily reduce the product cycle times and one-off craft products. In aerospace, technology makes it possible to create lightweight components. With new printers and other components being introduced each day, you can’t afford to ignore 3D printing. You can learn how it works before integrating it into the daily operation of your business.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) go hand to hand. One cannot do without the other. However, AI is a part of ML and grows very fast across all industries. With AI, you can accurately solve problems and avoid repeating them in the future. For instance, you can understand what your customers need and meet their expectations in the most accurate way possible.

    AI relies heavily on ML to learn how some errands are run. Thankfully, provided the right data is fed into the algorithm, the learning process only takes a matter of seconds. If you can give your customers the best experience, they’ll keep coming back to you for more products and services. Today, it’s not unusual to chat with bots when learning a few things about a given company or platform. That’s exactly how AI works.

    Closing Thoughts

    Did you know that so many more apps and features can give your business a strong market existence? You need to understand what your customers are looking for and how best to position your company for more opportunities. The ones we have mentioned above can give you a great starting point. However, you need to learn and add more to your list of preferences.

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