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    Benefits Of Robotic Prostate Surgery- Is It Worth It?


    Surgery is usually the treatment of choice for prostate cancer, except when metastasis outside the prostate is suspected. The most important type of prostate cancer surgery is radical prostatectomy. This surgery involves the removal of the entire prostate and some surrounding tissue, including the seminal vesicles.

    Advancement in treatment of prostate cancer 

    Prostate cancer is expected the most amongst middle-aged men. If cancer has not spread beyond the prostate, surgical removal and surrounding tissue is the standard treatment. The most important type of prostate cancer surgery is radical prostatectomy.

    Traditionally, radical prostatectomy is performed openly. However, with the advent of new technologies, radical prostatectomy is being performed using minimally invasive techniques such as laparoscopic and robotic prostate surgery.

    In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon uses instruments to operate and projects an image through an endoscopic camera onto a monitor to view the surgical site. However, the program has some limitations.

    Robotic prostate cancer surgery is performed using a robotic system. The surgeon uses the operating room control panel to move the robotic arm during surgery and makes several small incisions (incisions) in the patient’s abdomen. A robotic arm provides the same freedom of movement as a surgeon. This is one of the many Beneficios de la cirugía robótica de próstata.

    What is robotic surgery or robotic prostatectomy?

    Robotic surgery or robotic prostatectomy is an advancement in surgical technology to perform complex surgeries using computer-controlled robotic arms and small instruments connected to a surgeon. The robotic surgical system provides the surgeon with a high-resolution 3D view at 12x the surgical field of view. The surgeon controls surgical instruments through a console to guide specialized surgical instruments that are smaller and more flexible than a human hand. The robot itself does not work.

    Instruments attached to a robotic arm can hardly mimic the movements of a surgeon’s hand, but the surgeon has complete control over it. Robotic surgery can provide precise hand movements without shaking, allowing surgeons to perform the most complex surgeries with greater precision, agility, and control, thus adding to the Benefits of Robotic Prostate Surgery list.

    Benefits of Robotic Prostate Surgery

    Technical Advantage: Robotic prostate cancer surgery is superior to traditional open prostate cancer surgery in many ways. Some technical advantages of this process:

    1. The operator is free, accurate, stable, and stable.
    2. The mobile camera system provides a magnified 3D image so that the surgical site can be seen better and the prostate can be accurately removed.
    3. This procedure offers the advantages of minimally invasive surgery that preserves nerves, preserves sexual function, maintains incontinence, and maintains incontinence.

    Better patient outcomes: Robotic surgery is performed through 5 to 6 keyhole incisions and has the following advantages:

    • heal faster
    • reduced blood loss
    • Reducing pain after surgery
    • Early catheter removal (usually 1 week)
    • shorter recovery time
    • Reduction of hospitalization period
    • Resuming normal activities (1-2 weeks) and speeding up work (2-3 weeks)
    • Fewer wounds and fewer scars
    • Low risk of incontinence (ability to control bladder and bowel)
    • I will get an erection soon.
    • Control your bladder quickly.
    • Fewer incisions and fewer scars

    Weigh your options

    Although robotic radical prostatectomy includes lesser risks with open prostatectomy, they are risks. It is your body, and you should decide its treatment. However, The Benefits of Robotic Prostate Surgery outweighs its cons.

    Medicine has come a long way with technology, yet there is a lot more to achieve. You can consult urological surgeons and consider all open or robotic prostatectomy options.

    To know more, you may look over the web.

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