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    ASUS ROG Flow Z13 Gaming Tablet



    I have a 12700h chip that’s from Intel it is an i7 2.3 Giga-hertz it has a 1-terabyte SSD 16 Gigs of Ram Rtx 3050 Ti laptop GPU Equ x ga at 60 hertz 500 nits.


    There’s a lower resolution 120-hertz option available as well a camera on the back seeing that it is a tablet you could actually shoot photos from right here oh gee nice kickstand prop this thing up in some of the different angles at ease grip.

    Because you’ve got this Alcantara like soft-touch material a rubber component down right here for a touch of durability possibly, that even the little tap turn on the red lights this is absolutely RGB capable. however, of the direction you’ve got got the rog style with the red on there, this gives us our first look on the inside and that is what your setup looks like full-size keyboard setup.

    But it pulls off much like this you can take that to the couch you can see the RGB light up so it is not simply red and we are able to take this angle all of the manner right all the way down to this for like a desktop touch-based input snaps into place and feature it flat at the table like that or upon in this ergonomically pleasing kind of angle.


    You also surprise with the soft hybrid soft hard keyboard decks how they are gonna experience to kind on and this one truly does not flex very much after which the complete package just flaps down into something this is incredibly thin and mild we’ve got our power button over here that is going to be your volume rocker volume up and down USB C kinda there is an analogue audio port in this side of the device.

    Charging Port

    We have a thunderbolt USB type-c connector that is an interesting port due to the fact that is going to be for expansion in case you need to have an E-GPU and take your gaming to an excellent extra greater place then you could use this outside port to do so having that flexibility in that expansion is excellent as well.

    This is excellent because you likely have these things lying around I do not know when you have 100 lying around however you can charge slowly with some of your greater power adapters there is also an extension cable in here so yeah 4k on a 13-inch display is a completely tight pixel density.


    So this is going to be a really excellent viewing experience that option is going to give you 60 hertz if you’re going to spend a lot of Time Gaming on this device you likely will opt for a120 hertz 1080p FHD version of this display.

     So that you have that choice I definitely like this design touch with the RGB at the back simply offers it a touch bit of greater personality as compared like it is not business all of the time it is something a little bit extra unique it feels a little bit extra.

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