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    An Ultimate Guide to a Punchout Catalog


    Customers are an important part of every business, and it is every company’s dream to have a large market share. How can they do that? Implementing technologies such as a punchout catalog has helped customers get a chance to view products right from the suppliers. This increases the chances of making more sales since purchasing directly from suppliers is much cheaper compared to buying from retailers or other middlemen. To learn more about this interesting topic, here is an ultimate guide to the punchout catalog. 

    What Is a Punchout Catalog? 

    This is an e-procurement system that allows buyers to access the vendor catalog straight from the supplier’s website. Customers can access the vendor’s catalog directly through this method. This facilitates the shopping process by allowing them to rapidly see the advertised products and make purchases.

    How Does a Punchout Catalog Work?

    “Punchout” simply refers to a system where buyers go out to view the catalog on the supplier’s website. When a buyer wants to purchase products, they move from their procurement website to the supplier’s website to view the products displayed. In this case, the products are offered at a lower price, so there is a chance for an increase in purchases. If interested, they add the items to their procurement lists.

    The process is easy and makes it easier for the buyers to view products and make purchases. 

    The Benefits of Using a Punchout Catalog for Buyers 

    Companies are working toward ensuring their customers have an easy time making purchases. This is why the implementation of the punchout catalog is making it easier for customers to view sellers’ websites and see the products displayed. Various benefits come along with a punchout catalog. Let’s look at some of them. 

    ·        Manages time – When it comes to the punchout catalog and procurement application, it is almost as if they are linked websites; as a result, as a buyer, it is easier to just utilize a buyer’s procurement application that connects you to a supplier. This means you will not waste much time searching for potential suppliers when you can easily get one by using a B2B website such as Virto Commerce

    ·        Reduces costs within the company – A punchout catalog allows buyers to view different suppliers’ websites, and in most cases, they always offer discounts. Hence, you get to save a lot by purchasing directly from their websites compared to buying from sellers who mostly sell at market value and can sometimes be very expensive.

    ·        Decreases the chances of errors and promotes speed – Some issues may come up when purchasing products online, but with the punchout catalog, you get a fast and trustworthy process. The tool links you up to verified suppliers, so you can easily check out their products and make purchases fast without having to worry about issues. 


    The punchout catalog is an excellent technology for large companies that are working towards creating the perfect environment for their buyers. This helps buyers have a broader access to purchasing products right from their source, which benefits seller and customer relationships and also sales. To learn more about this interesting technique, review the above article.

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