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    Managing a clinic is not just about having meaningful interactions with patients. Many tasks are lying outside the face-to-face visits that demand time and attention. And incorporating an EHR solution works like killing two birds with one stone. They smoothly manage administrative operations and clinical processes side-by-side. 

    Today we are going to discuss this topic by using Amazing Charts EMR. Even though it is an EHR system, it has the potential to streamline administrative tasks. This article will inform you about the how part of EHR solutions. How do they handle the administrative operations? How much does it cost? 

    Administrative Task Handling with EHR 

    It is a misconception that healthcare systems cannot handle operational tasks. The reality is contrary to that. EHR solutions are not limited to collecting and managing the database. They offer tools and services to improve the admin side of clinics too. These systems let administrative managers gain potential insights by using several metrics. 

    Basically, when an EHR platform is incorporated in a clinic, it syncs with the administrative workflow. Both these functions depend on each other for achieving enhanced clinical outcomes. They require coordination to a certain extent for the smooth running of clinical operations. And when coordinated, the administrative aim of medical practices becomes stronger. 

    The same is the case with Amazing Charts EMR. It coordinates both aspects of medical practices and gives staff access to clinical databases for managing administrative processes effortlessly. It’s a pretty simple process. The best way to improve clinical operations is by assuring seamless communication of information between all clinical departments.

    This is precisely what Amazing Charts EHR does, leading to improved decision-making and clinical productivity. In addition, the vendor removes the barriers between information flow and technically induces clinical databases into the administrative procedures. These two aspects help carry out operational functions like a pro and set practices on the road to success. 

    How Amazing Charts Handles Administrative Functions?

    The reviews of Amazing Charts EHR present that the vendor simplifies all administrative tasks. It provides required personnel complete access to the patient’s database like demographics, billing statements, etc. And all other mission-critical information that’s imperative for managing the administrative procedures. 

    It removes the silos or communication gap between clinical and administrative data, which reduces the likelihood of miscommunication—this way, the essential information is shared across the healthcare settings. For instance, if you consider a hospital, Amazing Charts integrates all its departments and gives them the freedom to work as exclusive organizations. 

    This data-sharing across a broad spectrum makes inter-departmental decisions easy. The staff can readily access the patient database for streamlining clinical processes. They use it to handle appointments, patient check-ins, billing statements and perform eligibility checks. This way, employees can put appropriate data into use for improved clinical results. 

    Amazing Charts EHR Practice Management 

    Practice Management solution of this intact healthcare solution minimizes the workload of medical staff. This module of Amazing Charts EHR effortlessly aligns all clinical tasks and documents them properly. In addition, it allows employees to tackle those tasks first that need immediate attention by creating prioritized worklists. 

    PM uses both clinical and non-clinical data for managing the administrative side of healthcare practices. This effective module shapes all operational processes and enables administrators to work efficiently. There is no hindrance or blockage in accessing information, leading to well-informed decision-making.

    Reviews of Amazing Charts EHR

    For a better understanding of the PM services of Amazing Charts EHR, we evaluated its reviews. It is a great way to gain meaningful insights into how the vendor operates. Reviews show that staff can leverage clinical data for handling administrative processes by using integrated practice management. 

    The vendor allows for smoothly handling the patient’s influx. It helps remove the inconsistencies in the coding processes. It is clear that the EHR and administrative sides complement each other in how they operate. So, here are the features we explored from the potential feedback of the users. 

    Appointment scheduling

    By tapping into the clinical data, administrators can manage the scheduling calendar. For instance, they can readily fill in the appointment forms for referred patients within seconds. Also, the system offers an online appointment scheduler. Patients can use it to schedule appointments by filling in the free slots. And, this saves time for clinical staff. 

    Claims management

    The practice management solution features an integrated clearinghouse and tools for viewing unpaid claims. Also, there is a claims manager for checking in and reviewing claims before submission. It allows users to set aside squeaky claims to reduce denials. It also helps promptly work out the error element with a high-level of support to maximize revenue. 

    Intelligent Dashboard

    Users simply adore this feature in the review section of Amazing Charts. The robust platform comes with an intelligent dashboard that automates the worklists. The Front Office Command of this dashboard acts as a virtual assistant. It automatically monitors clinical procedures and sends alerts if something needs immediate attention. It helps concentrate more on patients. 

    Performance reports

    Another remarkable feature of this software is its kit of reporting tools. The Amazing Charts EMR comes with intact tools like KPIs. The system manages the performance level of practices as per the set metrics. Then, it creates meaningful performance evaluation reports. It enables physicians to look into their performance levels and highlights the weaker clinical aspects. 

    Reduced Expenses

    It is more of a benefit than a feature. With the Amazing Charts system, all administrative tasks are automated, and thus it reduces staff turnover in clinics. Practitioners claim that now they can handle the administrative workload with minimal staff. It takes a few clicks of fingers, and the processes are dealt with. As a result, it helps practices increase clinical profitability. 

    Wrap Up

    So, we hope you have understood that EHR and administrative tasks go side-by-side. Fully integrated solutions like Amazing Charts EHR offers EHR services bundled with practice management services. This helps handle the operational functions leaving you more time to concentrate on your patients. 

    Both clinical and administrative aspects of medical practices complement each other. Therefore, maintaining a balance between these two is imperative to drive productive results. We elaborated this concept by using Amazing Charts because we think it’s the best option for all. But, if you think it’s not the right fit for you, you can look out for other EHR vendors.  

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