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Gynecologist accused: Too late for abortion

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For some, a single (unplan) time is enough, others try forever: But how likely is it really to get pregnant from one time unprotect sex?

“Once is not a time Abortion!” To suddenly get hot and thinking and hoping that nothing will happen to you if you don’t have a condom handy ? This is not a good idea and quite dangerous. But illnesses aside, how realistic is it actually to get pregnant from one time without birth control?

“Not very,” says gynecologist Maureen Whelihan to Self Magazine . She tells her patients, “If you have unprotected sex twice a week. 50 percent of you will get pregnant within the first trimester. 75 percent will be pregnant within six months, and 90 percent within a year. And 95 percent of those who have unprotect sex twice a week get pregnant within two years.”

Of course, the probability of becoming pregnant also depends on the age and health of the woman and the sperm quality of the man.

Get pregnant straight away, even though it wasn’t plan?

Even timing sex to match your cycle isn’t a guarantee of immediate pregnancy. The gynecologist says there’s only a 20 percent chance of conceiving a child even if you have sex on the most fertile day of the month.

So if you are “working” on a baby, you should be patient if it doesn’t work out right away – and if no child is plan. Think of the condom! This protects against diseases AND un want pregnancy!

The newly hire employee is pregnant. Can the employer still fire you during the probationary period? The labor law column provides the answer.

I hire an accountant two months ago. Now I found out that she is pregnant. Can I fire her because she’s still in her probationary period? Johannes Baumeister asks  

Dear Mr. Baumeister,

In general, pregnant women and mothers enjoy special protection against dismissal for up to four months after childbirth.

The employer may therefore only give notice after the supreme state authority responsible for occupational safety, in Berlin the State Office for Occupational Safety. Health Protection and Technical Safety, has declare the termination to be permissible. A notice of termination given without a declaration of admissibility is void. This also applies to employees in the probationary period.

At the time of the termination, the employer must have positive knowledge of the pregnancy or childbirth . Regardless of the manner in which it is given. In the event of ignorance, the employer can be inform of the pregnancy or childbirth within two weeks of receipt of the notice of abortion. or termination.

If the employment relationship is limit with regard to the trial period of the employee. The employer can refer to the end of the trial period and there is no ban on dismissal. But that will usually be the exception.

Even in the case of trial employment. You cannot easily dismiss this employee, because the ban on dismissal under the Maternity Protection Act also applies here.

Incidentally, the ban on dismissals is often a major economic burden for small businesses. For this reason, § 9 paragraph 3 of the Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) allows exceptions to the ban on dismissal. If there is a special reason for dismissal that does not have its origin in pregnancy or maternity. This is not intend to deprive the employer of any opportunity to react in exceptional circumstances. Here, however, the individual case is decisive.

If the supervisory authority is satisfy with the reasons given, it will approve the intend termination. Only then can the employer effectively dismiss his pregnant employee.

If the supervisory authority refuses approval, the ban on dismissal (Section 9 MuSchG) remains in effect. In this case, the employee is entitl to wages in accordance with Section 615 BGB. Even if she is not employ.

Too late for abortion

Serious allegations: A young couple sued a gynecologist because she had not recognize the pregnancy in time. The mother had no chance to abort the child.

A young couple is standing in front of a courtroom in the Munich district court on Wednesday. Mother and father alternately hold their little son in their arms, laugh with the boy and hug him. Then they put the child in grandma’s care. Go into the courtroom and literally declare their little Tom (name change) a claim. They sue the gynecologist. She didn’t recognize the pregnancy in time – “that’s why I didn’t have a chance to have the child abort.” The young mother regrets. The bottom line is that the two demand around 120,000 euros as financial compensation.

Exactly five years ago, the 16-year-old from Munich went to her gynecologist. Her period was overdue. She fear being pregnant, she said before the medical liability board. The doctor examine her with an ultrasound. But shook her head when she specifically ask for a pregnancy test: it wasn’t necessary. Rather, she prescribe medication for an infection.

The pregnancy was only diagnose a few weeks later by another gynecologist: too late for an abortion. The procedure must take place within twelve weeks of conception. The court want to know why she hadn’t bought a pregnancy test for abortion herself from the pharmacy. It costs 30 euros.

Of course, the 9th chamber first try to clarify various contradictions in the statements of the young mother and the medical documentation. But then the judges. All three of whom were fathers themselves, came to the essential point. what would the young woman have done if she had known about the pregnancy or abortion early on?

“I would not have want to have the child,” she assure now. “At the time I want to fly to Turkey with my father for vacation . It just didn’t work out, ” she said. “Plus, I’ve just start training as a hairdresser.”



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