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    How unwanted pregnancy ration increased in world?


    We are entitle to issue the require certificate of advice if you want to have an abortion – often also call an abortion. If possible, please make an appointment for a consultation with us by phone .

    You can get an appointment right after you call.

    We are open to everyone, regardless of origin, nationality, denomination or worldview.

    Our basic position on abortion:

    Every woman must have the right to choose whether to continue a pregnancy or to have an abortion. We speak Turkish as our mother tongue. We can also advise in English, French and Spanish.

    The procedure

    Termination of pregnancy is possible up to the twelfth week after fertilization. Go to a recognize counseling center, e.g. a worker welfare counseling center. In Essen these are the Lore Agnes House and the advice center at the Essen University Women’s Clinic. It is best to make an appointment in advance by phone.

    A consultation will take place there. You are welcome to be accompany to the conversation.

    You don’t have to bring anything to the consultation. However, if you already have documents (e.g. medical certificate of pregnancy), these can make our work easier.

    We have employees who speak Turkish as their mother tongue. We can also conduct conflict counseling in English and French. A language mediator can be request from us for women without knowledge of German. 

    The consultation

    Advice can be provide anonymously if request. The conversation is confidential and the counselors are confidentiality. The conversation is free of charge.

    • The advice is open-end
    • The decision as to whether or not to continue the pregnancy is yours alone.
    • We support you in the decision you have made on your own responsibility.
    • We will inform you about possible help that the state, churches or foundations have ready for women in your situation.
    • You will immediately receive a certificate of the consultation.

    Who bears the costs?

    Women with their own income have to pay for an abortion themselves, depending on the level of income. In cases in which a woman has little or no  income of her own , the state of North Rhine-Westphalia will cover the costs of an abortion, which may take place up to 12 weeks after fertilization.

    The application for a cost coverage guarantee is submit to a statutory health insurance company that checks the amount of your personal income on behalf of the state (NRW) before the termination of the pregnancy .

    Women with little or no personally available income are cover by their statutory health insurance.

    Women without statutory health insurance can have their costs cover by a statutory health insurance company of their choice after an income test.

    If your personal income is above the legal limit, you will have to bear the costs of the termination yourself.

    There is a medical or criminological indication for the termination of pregnancy, the statutory health insurance will cover the costs.

    If someone urges me 

    “Nobody should advise a pregnant woman to have an abortion or urge her to have an abortion,” says the legislature.

    Very often a woman has to experience that her partner or the father of the child speaks out against the child. This is understandable at first, as the man often still lacks connection to the child. He himself does not feel any change in the body, so it is still difficult for him to establish a bond with the unborn child.

    Sometimes, however, the rejection of pregnancy takes on forms that you do not have to put up with. Nobody should try to persuade you to have an abortion! This applies not only to the child’s father, but also to:

    • your parents or grandparents
    • your friends or acquaintances
    • Teachers or trainers
    • Consultants please contact us immediately by email or on +971 56201 3046

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