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    A Complete Guide to Bathroom Radiators


    The bathroom radiators have the same function and work as they have in any other part of the house. However, for the bathroom, these have some changes. And that is to have towels hang over it to keep them dry and comfy. 

    One cannot survive the cold winter mornings without a proper bathroom heating system installed. Apart from supplying warm water to the shower outlets and basin taps, bathroom radiators also to provide a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room overall.

    There are different types of bathroom heating systems you can install depending on the type of your bathroom. Some popular types of bathroom radiators are as follows:

    What are the Bathroom Radiators?

    Almost everyone among us knows that heated radiators are devices that usually have warm water running into them. As a result, these transfer the heat into the bathroom. The air becomes warm as a result of it, making us feel warm and cozy. Similarly, we also have devices that we can use in the bathroom. When we say that these are bathroom radiators, then we are simply referring to another version of these, where we simply have a device that is for warming up the towels. Therefore, unlike a regular radiator, we use them to keep our towel warm, and indirectly, these also help us keep the area cozy too. 

    Types of Bathroom Radiators

    Bathroom heating systems that are based on bathroom radiators are differentiated from each other based on their source of power consumption. Some connects directly to the central heating system of the house, while others are runs on electricity.

    • Central Heated Radiator

    These heating radiators directly connect to the central heating system of the house and rely on that to function properly. As long as the heating system keeps working properly, the radiators work just as fine, but if the central system shows a fault or stops working, the bathroom heating will follow along. For instance, in summers, if the main heating system is off, the bathroom heaters will also shut down, meaning no warm and cozy showers.

    • Electric Radiator

    Just like a standard electric room heater, electric radiators run on electricity and are controls using a switch or a dial. With electric radiators, you have the freedom of turning it on and off on demand, not to mention there is no need to turn the heating system of the entire house each time. Considering their better efficacy and convenient usage, they are comparatively expensive in comparison to other bathroom radiators.

    Dual Fuel Radiator

    As the name suggests, dual fuel bathroom radiators rely on both the central heating system as well as electricity. This hybrid model can warm your bathroom with central heating in winters. As well as provide your warm and toasty towels in summers using only electricity when the central heating system is off. This limits the risk of any risk or disadvantage associated with either of the models.

    We can also divide the bathroom radiators in two categories. That includes fitted radiators and freestanding radiators as it’s clear from the name that the wall mount is the one that mounts on the wall. While freestanding stands on the floor or any other place. There are various design and style options available, from designers to a standard you should prefer based on your requirements. Generally, compact or fitted / wall-mounted towel rails are suitable for the contemporary bathroom. On the other hand, the freestanding with the option to anywhere placements are suitable for traditional or classic designs. 

    A relatively common and pretty recent type of bathroom heating system is heated towel radiator. But the question is, do towel radiators really heat the entire bathroom?

    Are Bathroom Radiator Enough for Bathroom Heating?

    Bathroom radiators also include heated towel rails on top of standard bathroom heaters. Today, however, heated rails do a satisfactory job of heating the entire bathroom in addition to your towels only if placed at the right spot in the bathroom.

    Truth be told, more and more people are shifting towards heated towel rails from the basic radiators as the basic source of heating for the bathroom. Although, you might want to install large-sized towel rails in your bathroom for it to act as a towel and a bathroom heater side by side.

    Final Thoughts about Bathroom Radiators UK

    Bathroom radiators are an essential part of every modern bathroom. Not only can you keep your towels warm with them but also keep the area warm too. We also discuss various types of these radiators, which include central, electric, dual fuel, etc. There are various styles of these radiators available too. Those are fitted and freestanding radiators. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the one on the basis of your aesthetics and functional requirements. The latest range of bathroom radiators is available at the Royal Bathrooms online store on the UK’s website

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