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    7 Reasons Why Perth Is The Ideal Location For International Study


    Currently, Australia, the ‘Land Down Under’, sits at the 3rd position in the list of top study destinations globally. World-class universities, a globally recognised education system, qualified faculty, attractive post-study opportunities, and an excellent standard of living have made this country one of the preferred destinations for international students. Because of such popularity, Australian cities host multicultural societies.

    As Western Australia’s capital, Perth houses over 2 million people. With scenic sunsets, laid back vibes, a great food culture, and comfortable weather on offer, your decision to study in Perth will ensure a memorable experience. Read this blog to know seven key reasons why you should choose Perth as the location for your higher studies.

    Why is Perth so popular among international students?

    Perth is called the ‘Education City of Australia,’ and this recognition can be confirmed by the fact that over 35000 overseas students enrol in different institutions of this city every year. The basic reasons behind such recognition include:

    • Top-ranked universities.
    • A thriving economy.
    • Availability of state-nomination migration programs.
    • A low unemployment rate.

    However, there are other reasons, too, and in this section, we will talk about them all.

    World-class education system

    The Western Australian academic system is recognised as one of the best education systems in Australia and the whole world. You will find several world-class universities, colleges for English language courses, VET (vocational education and training) institutions, and schools in this state. All these institutions are known for top-quality courses for international students.

    Studying at one of these institutions will make sure you learn the skills necessary to build a successful and rewarding career.

    Top-rated universities

    In and around Perth, four top-rated universities offer a range of courses to international students. These universities include:

    1. The University of Western Australia
    2. Murdoch University
    3. Edith Cowan University
    4. Curtin University

    These universities are all public. A small private university named Notre Dame is also there, located in Fremantle.

    While enrolling, you must check all the eligibility requirements and specific admission details so that you can enter one of the best colleges in Perth.

    A unique and unmatched lifestyle

    When it comes to the standard of living, Perth is known for offering an unmatched and unique lifestyle. It has been found that whenever an overseas individual considers migrating to Australia, the first city that comes to their mind is Perth.

    Perth has a relaxed and easy-going lifestyle, unlike busy and fast lives in bustling cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The reason is that besides an abundance of job opportunities, Perth is more affordable compared to these cities. You will get 40% off on public transport fares within the city.

    Less traffic allows people to live in an environment free of any pollution. In addition, compared to other big cities, the crime rate is much lower in Perth, which has made the city streets, university campuses, restaurants, and public transport safe for users. Australia is a safe country to live in, but safety is more in Perth of all the major cities.

    Availability of part-time job opportunities

    When you come to Australia to study with the Student Visa Subclass 500, you will be allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week, which will help you earn some valuable money and gain invaluable workplace experience. Now, if you choose to study in Perth, finding part-time job roles will be a lot easier.

    • Jobs are available in various sectors such as housekeeping, hospitality, tourism, administration, communications, teaching, etc.
    • While working as a part-time employee for an Australian employer, you will be able to communicate with people coming from different backgrounds. English is the most-used language in Australia, and you can effectively improve your English language skills while working.

    Dynamic economy

    The economy of Western Australia is growing rapidly. Its population contributes to 10% of the total Australian population, while it produces about 30% of Australia’s export income. Because of this thriving economy, job opportunities are available to residents, expats, and overseas students.

    Food, festivals, and fun

    Perth is also popular for its cultural elements. When you come here to study, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a range of cultural festivals and events throughout the year. Dance, music, comedy, and film shows are organised every day, which you can attend to refresh your mind. There are also multiple art galleries showcasing some great artwork.

    The culturally diverse society of the city has also produced a wide variety of cuisines. Top-class pubs and restaurants are the places to experience all the tastes.

    If you are interested in sports, you can enjoy watching a cricket match at the WACA Stadium or an Australian Rules Football match at Perth Stadium.

    The location of Perth makes it great for outdoor activities

    With the oceans in the west and the desert region in the east, Perth’s location in the lower part of the Australian West Coast makes it great to enjoy a comfortable Mediterranean climate. While summers are dry and hot, winters are mild and wet. Overall, Perth experiences a warm climate over the year, making it a perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities.

    • There are about 19 beautiful beaches in Perth where you can feel the beauty of the Indian Ocean. One popular beach is Cottesloe Beach, mostly famous for fishing, surfing, and snorkelling.
    • You can also plan to go for a cycle ride along with rural Australia as it will allow you to enjoy nature and get some fresh air from everyday busy life. If you are a shopaholic, you can explore the shopping hotspots in the city.

    A great thing about the Perth universities is that they support social life. You can join sports clubs or other organisations through your university or student union.

    Choose The College According To Your Convenience

    In recent times, vocational courses have gained massive popularity among domestic and international students. So, if you want to look for the best vocational courses Perth, check the websites of TAFE colleges here. Remember that you should select your college only if it suits all your needs.

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