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    7 Fun Ideas For a Girl’s Night Out


    Okay, ladies, you know what we’re talking about. It’s time for a girls’ night out! As the iconic model, Tyra Banks, once said, “Never dull your shine for somebody else!” That’s right; women need to reconnect, reset, and have some fun with their BFFs. Our expert social butterflies have some marvelous options for a fab girls’ night out, so kick back and look at our list before you plan your next evening on the town.

    1. Wine Tasting

    You have a couple of ways that you can enjoy this elegant experience. You could book a wine tasting tour at a nearby vineyard, and some of these venues offer wine tasting by candlelight. You could dress up in your favorite glamorous ensembles and arrive via a personal driver. That’s the ultimate way to ride, so classy, safe, and chic.

    You will learn to see, swirl, sniff, sip and savor with your girlfriends and taste an arrangement of various wines for the palate.

    Or you could head to a wine tasting at a local establishment and have a blast sipping and checking out the scenery.

    2. Comedy Show

    Sometimes, you just want to laugh out loud and put those stressful moments in the rearview mirror. A night of comedy is just the answer, and again, you have some options.

    You could take in a comic who does live standup. Or how about giggling at an open mic night?

    You could also participate by trying your hand out at being the funny girl. Here’s some advice on how to get up there and do your thing at an open mic night.

    3. Psychic Reading

    Look, you don’t have to totally believe in fortune-telling, but you’ve got to admit that it’s exciting and a fun night out with the girls. Find a professional psychic in your community, and book a session for the group.

    Celebrities enjoy going to psychic readings, and if you keep an open mind, then, you never know what may arrive for you in the future.

    Find out what the cards say for your love life, career, finances, travel, etc.

    4. Board Games

    For this BFF evening, you don’t have to dress up. In fact, sweats are the preferred clothing of choice. Dust off those Monopoly, Clue, and Yahtzee games at someone’s house, and recreate those happy, childhood moments.

    Make a big patch of popcorn, and gather with your girls for a simple evening at home.

    After that, you can hold a spa night, and apply your favorite facial masks, and do manicures and pedicures.

    5. Yoga Session

    Here’s another relaxing night out, and it happens at the neighborhood yoga studio. It’s time to stretch, get into position and hold.

    Yoga is an awesome activity that allows you and your girlfriends an ideal way to unwind. Maybe Bikram yoga is your go-to, or hot yoga or Kundalini yoga.

    Movement, mindfulness, and meditation do a body good.

    6. Casino Visit

    No, you don’t need to bust your budget for this one as long as you set a monetary limit for yourselves, ladies. A night at the casino is loads of fun, a wonderful place to people-watch, and see the high rollers do their thing.

    Blow off some steam, have a margarita and roll the dice, pull the levers, and hopefully, win a little cash!

    7. Sporting Event

    If you can score courtside seats at a pro game, well, then what are you waiting for! Get down there, but seriously, just get some cheap tickets.

    You can still have a really good time in the nosebleed section drinking and enjoying the nachos and cheering the home team on.

    Sporting events are very sociable places, and even the local games are well-attended. It’s extra special when it’s you and your team of girls getting together for a night out at a sporting event.

    We all have different ideas of fun, but when you’re with your best girlfriends, even a simple night out together can mean a lot. It’s the re-connection, social factor, and female bonding that makes these gatherings important, uplifting and valuable to our relationships. So, get out there whatever you do and re-set!

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