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    7 Apps to Help You Focus and Boost Productivity


    Office work can be boring and sometimes even annoying. As a result, you lose focus and thereby reduce your productivity. How to deal with this problem? We have two solutions, and the first one is to take a break from work and go on vacation. 

    Yes, it would be a great idea, for example, to pick up a 9 seater hire Manchester and enjoy the UK family trip. There’s nothing better than traveling in a hired car. A road trip will help you relax your mind and gain strength. In addition, today it’s very easy to hire a car anywhere in the world. 

    Indeed, vacation is a great way to reboot yourself, focus on work, and increase productivity. But unfortunately, we often can’t organize it here and now. From here comes the second way to deal with the loss of concentration – you can use special applications on your smartphone. 

    So, if you find it difficult to focus on your work, the following services can help you eliminate distractions and stop wasting time!


    Freedom is a perfect website blocker. The program closes access both to the Internet in general and selected websites. You may even schedule the blocking option. Use it and the ability to concentrate will become a habit. 

    If you are often distracted from your office computer by the news feed on your smartphone, then turn on the synchronization of all devices, and you will get rid of this time-consuming habit. In the app, you can track your block history, take notes, and track your progress towards improving efficiency. This will help you not to give up halfway. Freedom is free to install, but some features are subscription-only. 

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    Hocus Focus 

    Hocus Focus closes inactive programs. Your desktop is no longer a chaotic collection of open windows as you focus on a work task. You can manually set the time after which applications will close, or you can make them close immediately after switching to another program. 

    Also, it’s possible to customize the application for your type of work. Let’s say you need to edit photos. Social media distracts you, but your favorite songs motivate you. You can choose a mode in which the inactive browser window will disappear after 30 seconds, while the music will continue to play. 

    The application can be downloaded from the official website. It’s free, but you can make donations for the development of the project. 

    Self Control 

    Self Control is the app for those looking for drastic measures. The program will block access to distracting sites, e-mail, and other Internet services. For this, you need to set the blocking period, add sites to the blacklist and click Start. Until the time runs out, you won’t be able to access these websites, even if you restart your computer or uninstall the application. 

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    StayFocusd is a Google Chrome extension that limits time spent on third-party websites. You set the period during which you can browse through the time-consuming Internet services. As soon as the allotted time expires, these resources will close for you until the end of the day. 

    You can block entire websites or prohibit entry only to certain pages. There’s even an option that restricts a specific type of content – videos or images. The extension is available for download in the Chrome Store.


    Focus can block websites in all popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. To use the application, you do not need to separately install a browser extension, as Focus works even in private mode. You can create blocking schedules, set timers, block access to specific sites and their subsections. In addition to blocking pages, it’s possible to prohibit launching instant messengers and games. 

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    FocusWriter is a program for those who work with texts. There’s nothing superfluous and distracting in the interface, only text is in front of the author’s eyes. You can create themes with different fonts, colors, and backgrounds, as well as check spelling, and work on multiple documents at the same time. After opening the program, the work progress is automatically loaded so that the user can continue where he left off.


    This is an unusual yet powerful program to increase your productivity. When you want to concentrate, you plant a virtual tree. If you close the program ahead of time, the tree will die. The bottom line is that the person doesn’t touch the phone or laptop and focuses on work. 

    The virtual forest creates a sense of responsibility and helps you visualize your progress. By the way, the program rewards you with points. By collecting a certain amount, you thereby contribute to the planting of a new real tree.

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