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    5 Upgrades to Create a Productive WFH Office


    Many of us have had to pivot from a typical office to a work-from-home setting this year.  Although there might be benefits to working from home, for some, finding a dedicated area for work can be challenging. Hunching over your laptop on the kitchen table works in the short term, but odds are, many remote jobs are here to stay for a long time.

    Luckily, you can make just a few reasonable changes to enhance your work-from-home experience and boost both your productivity and well-being! Here are some simple ways to improve your work from home office setup:

    1. Door Seals

    Getting a door seal is a great way to help with unwanted drafts, noise, light, and other distractions that may disturb you during working hours. 

    Sealing around doors is a moderate-to-difficult do-it-yourself job. But don’t let that dissuade you. The supplies are affordable, and the effects are dramatic for houses with insufficient caulking and weatherstripping. Combining sealing with other upgrades, such as windows, doors, and insulation may increase energy efficiency.

    According to Trademark Hardware, a door bottom seal “will seal gaps around your door to stop unwanted drafts, noise, light, critters, and moisture from entering and escaping through the gap under your door.” If doors are not sealed correctly, you will frequently get drafts. As hot air penetrates via these openings into your air-conditioned environment, it is tougher to maintain temperatures within your house.

    Consequently, your heating and cooling system will have to work harder—which costs you more money. Checking that your windows and doors have properly working seals helps preserve the energy efficiency of your house and keeps heating and cooling bills low.

    2. Improve Your Indoor Lighting

    Along with regular breaks outdoors, work near a window to ensure that you receive natural light throughout the day. You need sunshine!

    It will improve your mood, productivity, and ability to sleep. Additionally, you may enhance your home office by using high-quality artificial light. A darkly lit environment might induce drowsiness or depression and contribute to eye strain. Consider replacing your warm incandescent lighting with some brilliant LED bulbs.

    While you’re at it, invest in a charming lamp that will instantly liven up your home!

    3. Ergonomic Furniture

    Working at home and sitting in a standard chair may seem fine at first but after a few weeks discomfort and strain will kick in. Uncomfortable furniture takes a toll on your productivity and health. Opting for an ergonomic office chair and desk is the upgrade that your body will thank you for. It is a wise investment.

    When combined with an ergonomic adjustable desk, an ergonomic chair will make your home office more comfortable and help you be more productive.

    4. Quality Speakers

    Music can both soothe and invigorate you. Additionally, it might increase your productivity.

    According to one research, test participants who listened to music while working performed their duties more efficiently and effectively than those who did not listen to music.

    Having a decent Bluetooth speaker in your work area inlets you the room with your favorite music and drown out any ambient disturbances, which helps you concentrate more effectively. Therefore, create a playlist of music that fits your mood. 

    5. Add Plants

    Nature offers several health advantages, so take regular breaks outdoors whenever feasible.

    Additionally, you may add a touch of nature to your home office by adding a houseplant! You may purchase plants online and have them delivered by organizations such as Lively Root, which delivers countrywide. Plants have been shown to dramatically improve worker contentment, focus levels, and air quality. They also can help reduce stress.

    Whether you’re presently working from home or are looking for a remote job, setting up a pleasant home office has many advantages. With a few changes, you can transform your home office into a comfortable,  enjoyable, and productive space.

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