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    5 places to visit when going russia – Must Read


    Russia is the largest among all countries in the world, and it homes some outstanding tourist destinations. However, many people hesitate to visit Russia due to its harsh climatic conditions. Well, you must never make the same mistake. 

    If you are a tourist, you would indeed plan to visit Russia after going through this article. There are many things this country has to give you. For example, in Russia, you can get a glimpse of the oldest lake in the world and ride a train through the rigid mountains.

    Visiting Russia during the perfect time, you can enjoy bright sunlight and vibrant blue skies. Nature would play with colors as you can witness the snowy peaks and glaciers. This country is also rich in culture, and you can explore some picturesque cities like Karelia and Moscow.

    Take a look at the following list of places while planning a trip to Russia. Moreover, you can also learn about the right time to visit the country for a trip. Have a look.

    Top 5 places to visit in Russia

    If you plan for a vacation in Russia, consider covering the country in small belts. A pan-Russian vacation might be lengthy and expensive. Learn about the five best places to visit in the country and include them in your itinerary.

    1. Kizhi Island

    Kizhi Island is in the north-western of Russia, located in the Karelia region. It is in the White Sea, and the country shares its boundaries with Finland here. When on Kizhi Island, you must witness the open-air museum. 

    This magnificent museum can give you glimpses of Karelian culture. This is a unique culture as the Karelians have forever lived at the junction of east and west. Moreover, you must be aware that the history of Karelians dates back to the 13th century.

    If you are interested in history and folklore, Kizhi Island is the place for you. Here, you can witness a massive Transfiguration of Our Savior Church that heights 120 feet. The main attraction of this building is the 22 domes that show the aesthetics of Russian architecture.

    Apart from the church, you can also witness several wooden houses, chapels, barns, and windmills. As a result, the entire environment of Kizhi Island truly makes it a picturesque open-air museum. 

    Finally, remember to look for the proper means of transportation when you plan to reach Kizhi. Of course, you can always talk with the tour operators about this place. 

    2. Saint Basil’s Cathedral

    Saint Basil’s Cathedral is located in Moscow, the Russian capital city. It mainly attracts tourists due to its remarkable architecture. Witness this building when in Moscow, as you might not find a similar one anywhere on earth. 

    This building resembles the flame of a bonfire, and its outlook can amaze you anytime on a bright sunny day. So make sure to know when the cathedral remains open and pay a visit.

    3. The Moscow Kremlin

    Your Russian vacation will remain incomplete if you skip visiting the Moscow Kremlin. This place is a complex of government offices and cathedrals. So, you can have a good time exploring the place. If you love hiking or backpacking, try spending a full day at the Moscow Kremlin. 

    Moreover, the proximity of the Kremlin to the Moskva River adds wonders to this place. You should always cruise on the river and try the roadside cafes. Here you can get food that matches the quality of Batista Restaurant in Las Vegas.

    4. Lake Baikal

    If you plan to ride the Trans-Siberian Railway during your visit to Russia, remember to stop at Lake Baikal. It is the deepest and the oldest lake on earth. Due to its depth, Lake Baikal resembles a sea, but it stores nearly 20% of the earth’s freshwater. This lake is some 25 million years old. 

    You can rejuvenate yourself by spending time near Lake Baikal as there is no pollution here. Consider this one of the best places to visit if you are a nature lover. Another amazing fact about Lake Baikal is that Siberian mountains surround it from all sides. Due to its astonishing beauty, Lake Baikal has the name “Pearl of Siberia”. 

    Moreover, you can visit Baikal Lake in Russia for a few days escaping mundane life. This place homes some outstanding resorts where you would love to stay. 

    5. Mount Elbrus

    The final among the top five places to visit in Russia is Mount Elbrus. It is actually a dormant volcano that has turned into a snow-laden peak. A remarkable fact about this peak is the presence of its seven summits.

    If you have a plan to climb a mountain during your Russian vacation, Mount Elbrus is here to welcome you. However, you can also visit the place as a tourist. A cable car system can take you to about 3,800 meters high on Mt. Elbus near one of its summits. So, you can easily reach it by hiking the leftover distance.

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    Best time to visit Russia?

    Summer is the best time to visit Russia. Therefore, always plan to visit this country from June to August. At this time, you can even take the Trans-Siberian Railway and visit Mongolia. 

    If you are reading this article while having cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas, take the next flight and reach Moscow. A Russian winter vacation can be both daunting and memorable. First, however, you should have the right winter gear. 

    Final Words

    Russia is a country where you would find continental and tundra climates. So, you should be aware of the perennial coolness of the weather. Make sure to talk with your physician regarding your fitness to visit places having harsh climates. Moreover, you should check and follow all the traveling guidelines released by the country. 

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