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    5 Manicure Trends To Follow in Wedding Season 2022


    Wedding preparation can be quite intense, but the results of every effort reflect when you look utterly gorgeous on your special day. While your wedding photos are going to focus on your fabulous attire and your beautiful face, don’t forget that your hands could use some care as well. After all, from carrying your bouquet to exchanging rings, several parts of the celebrations could use a little attention to your nails that can go a long way into completing your look.  

    If you are looking for some exciting ways to make your nails look perfect on your wedding day, here are the latest manicure trends to try. You can create these styles to match your wedding day look or overall theme for the best results.  


    The ombre effect is one of the most popular latest trends in nail designs. The design tries to create a gorgeous color gradient of a specific hue. The color moves from dark to light, starting from one part of the nail to the other such that it elegantly blends. The ombre effect is a beautiful choice to work with minimal colors while keeping your nail looking a notch apart. You can introduce contrasting colors with nail gel ideas for a fantastic finish.   

    • What You Need  

    One light shade nail color  

    One medium shade nail color  

    One dark shade nail color  


    How To Create  

    1. Apply a coat of transparent liquid to prepare your nails.  

    2. Apply a base coat of the light shade (you can alternatively use white) that will now be the background for your ombre art. Apply two thin coats instead of one thick coat for the best finish.  

    3. Dip the sponge in water and remove excess water.  

    4. Apply the dark and medium shades on the sponge in horizontal lines or any other style such that the colors are placed next to each other.  

    5. Stamp the sponge on top of your nail to create the ombre effect.  

    6. Apply a top coat to seal the effect, and you are ready to go.  


    Chrome nails are a no-brainer when it comes to creating a noticeable manicure for your special day. It elegantly enhances the finish of solid and simple colors with a dazzling effect that is a world apart. It is a way of expressing your sassy and fun side while keeping the overall finish genuine and classy. The distinctive shiny finish is about achieving a striking look that every bride should have.  

    What You Need 

    One dark color nail polish  

    Chrome powder (Any shade of your choice)  

    How To Create  

    1. Apply a base coat with transparent nail color.  

    2. Apply a coat of dark nail color properly. If you wish to create this effect with a light color, apply two thin coats of the color. It will give a shimmer rather than a mirror effect that you can achieve with dark colors. Let the color dry up.  

    3. Take a small amount of the chrome powder with a brush or eyeshadow applicator and slowly press it along the nails starting from the cuticles.  

    4. Rub till the entire nail looks shiny. Brush off the excess powder and apply a top transparent coat to finish. 


    French with Lace  

    French tips are an all-time classy choice for brides everywhere. The look can go with any wedding attire and color of your choice, making you look effortlessly fabulous. A straightforward way to enhance the style would be to go for lace designs and French tips. You can have nail technicians work on these intricate lace designs on your nails or pick out suitable wraps and stickers for this purpose. Either way, this is a delicate manicure choice for your D-Day.  

    What You Need 

    One soft pink nail color 

    One white nail color  

    Stickers or wraps for design 

    How To Create  

    1. Cut your nails to make sure it is the same length.  

    2. Apply a soft color as a base coat followed by a transparent coat. 

    3. Using a brush, paint the tips starting from one end to the other with the white color. You can leave the ring finger out for the lace design or paint all the fingers and create small lace designs close to the cuticles.   

    4. Place the sticker or wrap on the ring finger to trace the design or create tiny designs on each finger using a brush and white color.  

    5. Finish the look with a topcoat. 



    Florals are a delicate and beautiful nail trend that can add fun and vibrant colors to your nail without overdoing it. They are fancy, playful, and charming to flaunt on your wedding day. You can play with dark and light colors for the base just as you wish and create small floral designs using bold and flashy contrast colors to get a gripping look.  

    What You Need 

    One light nail color  

    Three dark nail colors (You can add one glitter color here as well)  


    How To Create  

    1. Apply a transparent-based coat and let it dry.  

    2. Apply the light color as the base in two coats and wait till it dries completely.  

    3. Using the brush, create small flowers, leaves, or fruit designs as you like with different nail colors.  

    4. Apply a top coat to seal the design. 



    Rhinestones find great use in helping you create an extravagant nail style for your wedding. It introduces the right level of sparkle to your soft, elegant nail designs that go well with elaborate and heavy attire just as much as simple and light ones. Long or short, dark or soft colors, rhinestones can go with any style that you would best like to match your day’s looks.  

    What You Need 


    One light matte nail color  

    Nail glue 


    How To Create  

    1. Start by applying a protective nail coat with transparent liquid.  

    2. Paint your nails with the base color and make sure to get two thin coats. You can now create any design using stencils or go for a solid nail color base for the art.  

    3. Choose the fingers you would be placing the rhinestones on along with the design.  

    4. Using the nail glue and tweezers, stick the stones on the nails. Let it dry up completely, and you are ready to rock these gorgeous nails.  


    Try these extraordinary nail ideas for your wedding that are this season’s trendiest looks. These designs will elevate your manicure finish and compliment your wedding look.  

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