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    5 Fun Things To Do When You Are Stuck in A Tent


    It does not matter how you camp – in an RV, a tent or a vocational resort. They are just the places where you hang your hat and curl up, hiding from the starry night sky. The real fun begins when you step out in the wilderness in the morning, all geared up to set up for creating a Lara Croft adventure of your own.

    Camping is an opportunity to invest in thrilling and electrifying activities. For instance, finding wood and sticks for a campfire from the floor of the enriched woodland or wrapping hot potatoes in a foil to eat with baked beans might be accustomed tasks. But they fire up everyone for an evening around the pit and refine your survival skills.

    Whether you are planning to go to nature camps for children or adults, you don’t have to pack everything in the world to keep you entertained in the woods. Here are some camping activities that will not give you the time to miss Wi-Fi.

    1.      Go On A Nature Scavenger Hunt

    Go on a nature scavenger hunt with your children as it will keep them entertained while camping and hiking, especially during the daytime. If you are planning to hike through a hill or a mountain, it is a great take-along activity. Find natural elements like berries, thorns or butterflies.

    It is an incredible activity of making your children notice nature. They will feel challenged and develop a sense of achievement when they spot animals, flowers, leaves and more. To add more fun, you can give a  bag to each child and ask them to collect nature items and later make an art project from their findings.

    2.      Get A Little Wet In Water

    If you are camping near a water body such as a lake or river, take advantage of it and plan an adventure that will get you wet. Activities like kayaking and canoeing will feel like a blue sky becoming molten and infused with ancient magic to become water.

    Kayaking and canoeing are peaceful and meditative, bringing your mind to rest. These activities allow you to explore the inland lake system, the sea’s glistening aquarium color, and sightseeing in calm waters. Also, they will improve cardiovascular fitness, increase muscular strength and reduce the risk of wear and tear on joints and tissues.

    3.      Straight From the Hiker’s Boots

    Hiking at nature camps should be declared mandatory. A truckload of research has been conducted, proving that there is nothing better than a brisk climb that gets your heart rate up. Climbing over uneven surfaces and navigating your way around rocks, over tree roots, across streams, and fallen trees engage your body into a holistic workout.

    Lives are busier than ever. Nine to five jobs, full social calendars, and hectic life routine will make you drown in the pool of stress. Under such circumstances, going hiking will reduce the blood pressure and cortisol level. It will produce a calming effect that only camping in nature can offer. Eventually, you will find yourself smiling and rejoicing at the peak of a mountain.

    4.      Put Some Spice In the Cooking Pot

    If you are good at cooking, try your hand at campfire cooking. It is time for you to spice up your camping cuisine.

    For a sunny start, cook oatmeal in a pot over the campfire. Then, stir in walnuts and raisins for a fully protein-packed breakfast to keep you going throughout the day.

    At lunch, you can have a pizza party. First, spread pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on a whole wheat tortilla. Next, add toppings such as veggies and shredded chicken. Later, place the foil-wrapped quesadilla on the campfire’s embers, and once the cheese melts, cut the tortillas and enjoy eating.

    During dinnertime, skewer an unpeeled banana and grill over a campfire just like a marshmallow. When the banana is soft, split down the middle and sprinkle some chocolate chips. Scoop it straight out of the peel. We guarantee you, your camping crew will be begging for more!

    5.      Host a Shadow Puppet Show

    Use the flashlight as a spotlight and host a shadow puppet show on the tent walls. Make a bunny, a wolf or a butterfly and let your children fabricate stories about their adventures.

    Wrapping Up

    To conclude, camping is an easy and low-stress vacation trip, ideal for your family. It will help you become more environmentally conscious, manage stress, and escape boredom. You can also maximize the fun by exploring birthday party packages in Dubai national camping and adventure parks. 

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