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    5 Common Arthritis Myths Debunked


    Drink milk if you don’t want to have healthy bones. Lift weight right if you want to protect your joints from getting damaging and all other advice on bone and joint health. 

    Yes, all these measures are necessary and work well unless you are suffering from a serious illness like arthritis. Most of you must already be aware of this term and know what it is. The condition is genetic and autoimmune which means that it arises when your immune system doesn’t perceive. The right signals and attacks your healthy cells. 

    Arthritis is usually characterize by inflaming and painful joints and is usually genetic. A friend of mine is an arthritis sufferer and the condition runs in her family. Recently her father went through a knee replacement surgery by a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Islamabad. Her condition is not so drastic but she is unable to perform many of her routine activities and winters are especially way more troubling for her. 

    Common Myths about Arthritis

    Even though arthritis is a common health problem but is still poorly understood. Here are some of the common misconceptions about that can be the reason that you are not able to understand the condition properly. Let’s debunk common arthritis myths:

    1- You only get arthritis if you are old

    I can spot you nodding your head and if you have believed this myth, you are not alone in this. Many people believe that only older ones can suffer because most of the people we see at centres are older ones. This doesn’t mean that only elder people can get the disease and this is merely a myth to believe. The condition can affect people of all ages. The only reason we see more and more older patients as sufferers is that they experience severe complications and symptom severity. 

    2- Arthritis patients can’t perform most of the physical activities

    This is another popular misconception about arthritis that people need to forget now. Sufferers are considering not being able to perform any kind of physical activity. This is especially considering true in the case of exercise. Even though arthritis sufferers complain about joint pain, they can still work out and perform physical activity. Physical activity is even recommending to improve strength among arthritis sufferers and retain their mobility. 

    3- Arthritis sufferers can’t eat nightshade plants

    Nightshade plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, peppers etc. Are thought to be bad for arthritis sufferers because many people believe that these nightshade plants can make your joints pain and inflammation worse. However, this is no more than a myth and there is no scientific evidence. That can say why consumption of these vegetables is bad for your overall health. So, if added correctly into your diet, these vegetables alongside other healthy foods. Can help patients fulfil their nutritional requirements.

    4- You can never prevent arthritis

    Yes, you can’t prevent some of the risk factors for arthritis such as ageing however, you can work on other disease factors. You can reduce your body weight, make wise dietary choices, and work out to keep your body in shape. All these things can be done and can reduce the risk of arthritis so you can’t say that you can’t prevent at all. 

    5- You should wait and see if your joint pain relieves on its own

    You may think that waiting for your joint pain to relieve on its own can be a good idea, however, the earlier you can go after a cure, the better it relieves your symptoms. Addressing your joint pain at an early stage can be a good idea because not all joint pain is arthritis and can arise from other conditions as well. However, as soon as you develop joint pain with a family history of arthritis or your symptoms get severe over time, it is recommendable to go to your physician and get yourself treated for the problem. 

    Bottom Line!

    Arthritis is a joint inflammation condition that is a life-long condition. The condition doesn’t come with any proper cure, however, is quite manageable with lifestyle changes and by taking proper care of your joints., If you are an sufferer make sure you don’t believe these myths and follow your doctor’s instructions on this to live a healthy and pain-free life with arthritis. 

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