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    3 Solar Panels Efficiency Gains You Can’t Wait For


    Solar is the cleanest form of commercialized renewable energy we have come across so far. Of course, there are other forms of renewable energy as well. However, when it comes to easy commercialization and everyday applications, solar beats the lot. Some of the best solar panels have been providing clean renewable energy for so many homes, offices and commercial settings. Also, solar panels efficiency has been gaining grounds in the past decade or so.

    There are still a few key areas that have a lot to be desired when it comes to solar systems efficiency. However, technology has improved greatly boosting efficiency for these sophisticated systems. You now have options for photovoltaic panels that can provide a lot more efficiency than ever before. Cost is one area that needs support from governments and manufacturers alike. So, here are 3 key solar efficiency factors that will boost its adoption around the world:

    1: Solar Panels Efficiency to Produce More Power in Less Space

    Solar panels need a lot of space. There is no doubt about that. Things have been like this with solar systems for a long time. One major upgrade we can’t wait for when it comes to solar storage systems is boosted efficiency. This would mean you will need fewer panels to produce more energy.

    There have been quite substantial gains in solar panels power production lately. Efficiency has seen a positive uptake in the past few years. Modern solar cells on panels are now able to take and use a lot more of the sun’s radiation. These gains are improving as more research gets underway.

    Over the past few years, quality solar panels have gained efficiency of somewhere around 30%. Experienced solar installers are now able to provide much more efficient systems. However, there are more gains possible that will make the systems even more efficient.

    2: Low-Cost Solar Systems for Everyone

    Solar panels provide free energy. That’s true. But, what’s also true is the fact that solar panels are expensive. Their initial cost is still way too much for many people. Parts of the world where companies haven’t gotten around to providing financing options are still very much without solar panels.

    This is something governments and manufacturers need to push. Solar panels efficiency will boost a lot more with adoption around the world if their cost can be reduced. However, there is a lot more to the picture than meets the eye.

    Even if cost for solar systems cannot be decreased substantially, financing options should be introduced. World governments should introduce easy financing options that can replace currency electricity bills. This way, more homeowners and business people will start to shift towards solar systems.

    3: Sustainability and Reliability for Solar Panels Efficiency Gains

    Although modern solar systems are highly reliable, they still aren’t at a stage most people would want. Since panels need to be installed outdoors, there is plenty that can wrong. Wiring is often the worst component when it comes to reliability.

    Manufacturing solar panels aren’t the most sustainable process in the world as well. In fact, a lot of solar opposers emphasize the fact that solar panels manufacturing isn’t eco-friendly at all. However, when you consider materials used and free energy produced as a return, the equation is in favor of solar.

    Also, there is no denying that we need more sustainable solar panel manufacturing processes. The need to make solar energy 100% sustainable is still huge. There need to be processed in a place that can recycle old panels without using any new materials.

    Solar Panels Efficiency Gains to Boost Its Adoption in All Industries

    These three factors have been hindering solar adoption worldwide. Cost if in most opinions the most damaging factor to solar adoption. If we can cut these costs by a significant margin or at least introduce solar financing deals worldwide, surely, we will see more solar adoption. Businesses from all industries and also homes around the world will be able to use solar more efficiently.

    Solar for Homes, Businesses and Commercial Setups

    Solar panels produce clean renewable energy. This energy is usable everywhere conventional electricity is in use. So, if you think about it, applications are limitless. Also, domestic solar applications have the ability to cut down carbon footprint by more than half its current percentage. Solar for businesses and commercial settings has great potential as well across the world.

    Is Time for Solar Now?

    Of course, it is. Despite these much-awaited developments and improvements, the time for solar is now. Solar panels efficiency is still to go many places. However, this should not discourage people from adopting it. If you can get financing options for solar systems, go for it. Even if financing options aren’t available, solar energy is still worth the effort.

    Once you are over the initial cost, free energy will be available for decades. The usual lifespan for a quality solar setup is around thirty years currently. Just imagine the electricity bills savings you will get. Also, the fact that your home or workspace will make use of clean renewable energy is great. So, act now and go solar to make the world a better place for generations to come.

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