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    200 YTT: How to Choose & Why to Join


    200 hour yoga teacher training is the first step to starting your yoga journey. However, the availability of numerous options could be overwhelming for beginners. Therefore, getting confused or frustrated while choosing the right 200 YTT course could be tiring. Hence, to assist you, here are a few things you must be aware of while choosing the right 200 YTT course.

    This article covers a brief introduction to the teacher training course. Then, you should read how to choose the right beginner yoga teacher training course so that you have the best yoga experience. Furthermore, this article also clears the mist from why you need to join 200 YTT. So, without wasting time, let’s dive into it. Keep reading.

    200 YTT: An Introduction

    200 hour yoga teacher training, also known as 200 hr YTT, is one of the best beginner-level yoga training courses out there. It offers the easiest approach to yoga practice and learning.

    Furthermore, a typical yoga teacher training course goes on for 28 days that helps you master the basics of yoga practice. So, you get familiar with yoga philosophy, asanas, meditation types, and much more. Moreover, you even learn how to teach yoga to novice yoga practitioners.

    With all these, 200 YTT becomes a stepping for your journey to becoming an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). Now the question arises – with so many options available, how to choose the right 200 YTT course? To have the answer, go through the following points.

    How to Choose the Right 200 hour YTT Course?

    Check Yoga Certification

    The very first thing you should do before joining a teacher training course is to check the certification. It should be registered with the Yoga Alliance. If not so, you should skip it and choose the registered yoga teacher training course. Joining a certified course helps you earn Yoga Alliance certification after you have completed the course.

    Inspect the Location

    Is it located in a place that you love? Or, the 200hour YTT is nested at a tourist spot? From either of the two locations, one is going to play a major role in your yoga practice. Hence, make sure you always head to a place that aligns with your goals. Don’t get fooled by tourist attractions. Your primary goal should be learning and practising yoga.

    Availability of Yoga Forms

    Will you be practising just the one yoga form? Is there any availability of different yoga forms? Can you choose from different options available at your disposal? If not, you might not get the most out of your yoga practice. Having choice helps you shift from one yoga form to the other in case you don’t feel connected. So, while choosing a yoga teacher training, you must check the availability of different yoga styles.

    Certified Yoga Teachers

    What about yoga teachers? Is the teaching faculty registered with the Yoga Alliance? It should be your primary concern to know whether the yoga master of your 200h YTT course is certified or not. If not, you should always ask to change the teacher. Moreover, you should also check the teaching experience of a yoga trainer before enrolling in the course.

    Yoga Material Availability

    Will you be getting a yoga mat or yoga props to make the practice easier? What about yoga books to enhance your knowledge? That is another crucial point you should be aware of before joining a 200hour YTT course. The availability of yoga material helps in easing your yoga journey.

    Off-Mat Activities

    What about off-mat activities in your yoga course? Will you be getting any time to rest or spend with yourself? Are you going to get time to explore the local culture? All these questions should be your concern before joining a RYTT course. It helps you make the most out of your yoga teacher training course.

    Why Join a R200 YTT?

    The question arises – why do you have to join the RYTT course? Can’t you progress without it? Well, get through the following points to know the answer.

    • Explore the world of yoga
    • Meet like-minded people
    • Train under the guidance of certified yoga trainers
    • Learn how to use different yoga props
    • Know about the yogic lifestyle from a closer angle
    • Level up your yoga practice

    Wrap Up

    Practising yoga is an art that makes you mentally and physically healthy. You can have all that with the RYTT course. Just make sure you join the Yoga Alliance certified course only. Over time, you become strong, flexible, fit, and athletic.

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